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A sudden tornado strikes. What happens next?
998 words for "The Writer's Cramp prompt: suddenly a tornado strikes. 9/28/18 'Second Time Around' contest entry

The scream erupted out of thin air. Allen was so into himself he didn't see it coming. It pulled him up out of his chair and flung him into the center of a living tornado. “What the . . .”

Maddie Pane stormed around him, throwing everything in sight into the air. “I can't believe you are doing this.”

He wasn't doing anything at all. He could hardly breathe. Allen’s favorite Ming vase shattered against the wall behind him. His treasured set of early Hwaqui Chinese tea cups broke in thin air and became a whirlwind of sharp darts aiming at his head. If he had moved they would have got him.

Maddie Pane’s arms looked to be everywhere at once. They appeared to float here and there like those of the ancient Hindu Goddess Kali , bringer of death and doomsday.

"Don't." Allen gestured towards his other art objects gathered over years from around the world she was aiming her eyes at. Anything in her path seemed sure of destruction. Why hadn't he known this was going to happen?

Allen fought his way to the center of the storm, body felt bruised and battered, clothing tattered and torn from where Maddie Pane’s effort to destroy his world. He struggled to embrace her. “Hey. It’s all right. Calm down. I can explain.”

He didn’t even know what to say next now that he was here in the eye of the storm. She sobbed. Clinging to him. Tears rained down her face as she raised it for his kiss. “You knew, didn’t you?” She gasped. “Why didn’t you tell me”

Allen could feel her every heartbeat thunder against his chest. He had to keep her calm or murder might be next. “You didn't give me time. Would it have helped? Look how you responded?”

The lightning in her eyes told him the answer long before she trembled and spoke. “This was worse, finding out almost by accident.” She pointed to his stacked luggage waiting by the door. “Where you even going to tell me?”

Maddie grew rigid in his arms. “You can’t create the greatest love I’ve ever known and then pull it out from under me like a dirty rug that needs cleaning.” Her shattered life lay in wreckage around her. She stared without seeing at the broken glass and twisted frame of the picture laying on the floor. Both of them smiled up at her from their dream romance in Hawaii where they’d met.

Allen brushed a tangled mass of her luxurious dark hair from her forehead and kissed it in place. “It is my job. I can't just up and quit without thinking it through.” His hands slipped to his sides. He didn’t dare look at his watch but knew it was time. There was no time left for either of them. It had been sucked out of the room leaving an emptiness behind.

“Go.” She stepped back releasing him. That one word meant forever.

He hadn’t wanted it this way. Their two worlds had collided in so much passion it had been impossible to see this day coming. She had followed him to the mainland leaving everything else behind. Her past, her future, her all was bonded to him in a total giving of everything she was or ever would be.

He couldn’t help it. His fingertips traced the track of one of her tears running down her cheek. The shiny reflection of every feeling he had ever felt for her shone in its fall. She seemed to wait there in the eternity of the moment, strong and sure of herself living on without him in some unknown world neither one of them wanted.

One teacup remained on the edge of the ornately carved table. Maddie Pane moved in slow motion, her arm a whispered blur as her fingers danced against it, toppling it onto the floor. “What are you waiting for. You’ll be late.” It wobbled but refused to break as it struck at their feet.

The storm had moved from her tumultuous expression of abandonment tossed around their apartment’s living room to his heart. Allen dropped back down in his chair staring at his luggage. “I can’t.”

“Don’t do this to me unless you mean it.” Maddie’s cry was more a whimper than words. She felt dizzy with her fate flung to the winds.

Allen pulled her down onto his lap. His chair seemed the only stable thing left in the room. “If I was going, I should have left an hour ago.” He simply said.

She buried her face against his chest, hands feeling his heart beats slow and steady giving her renewed life. “I won. Didn’t I?” Her fingers traced his lips where he kissed them.

There were new tears mingling between them. They were a gentle rain of love. “We’ll figure something out. Won’t we?” He said. The storms of the coming years might rage around them but would never tear them apart again.

The ringing of the phone shrilled unheard around them. They stared at each other into a calmness only broken by the smiles growing on each other’s lips. Maddie rose, fingers clutching at her man’s tie, tugging him up after her. “We’ll clean up after.”

A new storm approached. Waves of passion crashed over them both as they left the room. Maddie couldn't wait. She leaned against the hall wall, moaned in a fever of need to be met by Allen’s hunger for her. He lifted her, carrying her into their bedroom to a safety she had never known. “Look at us.” Maddie marveled at the new world they had become.

“Feel.” Allen’s body danced with hers reveling in their creation. Their's would be an existence without the usual kind of earthly suddenly appearing death dealing tornado. Whoever met them would feel a peace beyond understanding in the calmness of the eye of the storm they shared.
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