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Deciding if all the meetings we attend are important enough to miss out on the family time
To all of my busy friends, especially those in elected office or heads of organizations

I am often running from one meeting to another meeting to another meeting, and then going home so tired I am barely civil.

On August 25 and 26, four members of my family circle departed this life, and one of the thoughts I had was how vital were all of those meetings that kept me away from them?

Yes, many of our meetings are for the good of the larger community, and actually, to accomplish something. But be honest, many of them serve no real purpose at all and with better planning and organization would free up time to be with those that really matter in our lives.

When family members die, a little piece of us also dies. We lose something that we can never regain. -- conversations, hugs, laughs, walks, meals, twinkles in their eyes over a thought or joke, and so much more.

Today, I suggest that your re-election is essential, that smiling and shaking hands is good, and even raising that next $1,000 to sponsor your future advertising is very important, but are any of these more important than family?

I think not. I would bypass all of those to have another day with my brother Chester Williams or any of the others that have gone on before me.

I know how important we feel, and how passionate we are about our work and advocacy, but just think, when (and we will) drop dead, get sick or meet some other catastrophe, the world WILL move on without us. Some of us will not even be a footnote in history.

So what is this piece all about today? Just a reminder to KEEP IN MIND what is really important in this life! It is indeed not the work we do.

My nephew, Elijah Shepherd, told me last week that every job performed by anybody is just as outstanding as any other job performed by anyone else regardless of the pay wage, the title or the status.

Now, let that sink in. Muddle over it for the next few days. When the truth hits you, if you are honest, you will have a greater appreciation of every working stiff in the world, and hopefully, you will feel little more in touch with reality about yourself.

Peace and blessings always.

NOTE to my family: I plan to do a better job of taking care of and being more attentive to what is REALLY important in my life -- YOU!
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