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Chapter three
I awoke to bright light, it was rather blinding. No one was around, how strange. Suddenly I hear someone whispering my name.

As if some unknown force took over my body, I began to walk forward. Despite my fear, something told me I was safe. Curiosity took over as I glanced around.

There was no windows, nor were there doors. It was an endless tunnel of light. I ventured forward, suddenly becoming aware of the now noticable darkness drawing near.

Once again fear swelled inside me, but I pushed onward. The whispering returned. I caught glimpse of what they were saying.

"Master, I feel her presence."

"She is near. I can hear her heart beat."

"Her scent is mouth watering."

I backed away, appalled at what I was hearing. Were they talking about me? Did they know I was here?

"Zeena..." I heard a faint voice say. I was suddenly flung backwards. Everything was spinning before going dark.
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