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by jully
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When you were a kid, a demon broke into your house and killed your parents after that he cursed you with a tracker in your heart so that any evil thing could find you. He didn't kill you. He said that he wanted a fight and for you to grow up. 10 years go by and you have forgotten all about the demon and the tracker. One day while you were at your work the demon came back ready to fight. As soon as you saw him you started to run, you ran in the road and stopped a car, two men came out seeing you scared and grabbed their guns the demon saw them and he snapped his fingers and him and Sid were gone!

Sid moaned as he woke up to feel his arms straining stating that he have been like that for a long time, he moved his arms to find that they wouldn't move. All of a sudden he remembered everything that happened you, Zac and the demon then he blacked out and woke up here but where was Zac? He struggled and found that his hands were tied behind his back and to a chair he also found that each of his legs were tied to each of the chair legs. He heard the door open and two came in men one in a business suit, and one in jeans and a shirt. Sid noticed something familiar about him, like he knew him.

"Sid? I remember you, you and your brother came and killed my family!" The other man said as he studied Sid. Sid started to remember. They went through a shapeshifter's den they wiped out the whole place but one got away this must be him.

"I'll take this one Freddy." The man said as he pointed to Sid.

Freddy hit Sid on the head knocking him out and untied him from the chair and retied his feet and hands and threw him into the shapeshifter's trunk as he drove off. A month had passed since Sid and the demon were last seen. Zac worried about his brother sometimes, he thought that his brother had died but quickly shook the thought out of his head knowing that Sid was a really good hunter and could take care of himself.

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