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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #2169970
Will Norah and Matthew light the night with the sparks flying off them?
It was the Sunday before Norah's first semester began for the fall and instead of getting her books together like she wanted to do, she was carefully drawing a thick black line across her upper eyelid. Her dorm mate, Autumn, had been trying to get Norah to come out of her shell and go to several different social events that was usually happening the week before the semester actually started.

"Norah, I promise you are going to have fun!" Autumn exclaimed after she slipped into a snug black cocktail dress that hit her about mid-thigh. She looked herself over in the mirror, smoothing out any bunched up fabric in the lower part of the dress. Autumn was a graceful 5'7" model, with her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled up into a high ponytail on top of her head and had created a colorfully dramatic look with her makeup, which she touched up before leaning against the wall facing Norah.

Norah sighed deeply as she finished applying her eyeliner. She glanced over at Autumn and felt the familiar feeling of dread in her stomach. "I highly doubt this will be that fun. I only know you and plus, I'm not a big party girl." She responded in an exasperated voice. "And you look fantastic!" She added as she threw her hands in the air in mock frustration.

Autumn rolled her eyes as she pulled Norah up to her feet and gripped her by the shoulders. "Norah, it will be okay, I promise. The event we're going to isn't even going to be as crazy as you think. You look amazing!" She led Norah to the mirror and stood behind her. Norah was wearing a satin wrap dress that was the shade of deep jade that accentuated her curves, as well as her fair skin tone. She had to borrow the dress from Autumn because her fashionista dorm mate would not accept her reliable jeans and t-shirt look.

"I honestly don't know if I want that dress back Norah, it looks fantastic on you." Autumn stated as they finished getting ready by slipping their accessories and heels on. After a quick spritz of perfume, they walked out the dorm room and off to the party.

Matthew was greeted warmly as he walked into the last party he could attend for the semester because of his teaching assistant position. He was given the position by one of the best English professors on campus, Mr. Samuels, and was told that once the semester begins Matthew would have to refrain from parties with students. He made his way over to one of the few kegs set up in the kitchen area, and was in the process of filling it up when one of his buddies walked up to him.

"So do you have a curfew mister teachers pet?" Lane asked as before taking a big drink of his beer. Matthew shrugged his shoulders as he took a drink of his beer.

"And here I thought you were coming over to not be a dick." Matthew retorted as he chuckled and shook Lane's hand. "How's it looking so far? You think it's gonna be a good one?" Matthew asked as they made their way through the decent crowd that had already begun to form. Lane shrugged his shoulders in reply as they walked outside onto the back patio.

"I mean there hasn't been a fight yet, but the night is still young. Holy hell, who is that with Autumn? Have you seen her before?" Lane asked, with a peaked sense of curiosity.

Matthew followed Lane's gaze into the house and fell onto the beauty walking in next to Autumn. She was a few inches shorter than Autumn, even in the pumps she was wearing. He became mesmerized by her, as he thought she looked like a Grecian goddess. He hadn't realized Lane was talking to him until Lane shouted at him.

"Matt! Dude, you okay?" He asked with a concerned tone.

"Yeah, I just.. I've never seen her. Is she a student here?" Matthew responded before taking another drink of his beer and tearing his attention from the dark haired angel and back to Lane.

"I'm not sure. I haven't ever seen her with Autumn before."

"Damn, they haven't even been here for 5 minutes and Autumn has already floated away from her like a butterfly." Matthew stated as he watched Autumn rush over to a couple of girls in excitement, completely forgetting about her mystery friend. "I'm going to go get another beer." He said before finishing off his cup and walking towards the girl that tucked herself into a corner out of the way.

Norah felt everybody's eyes on her as she walked in with Autumn. When Autumn got sidetracked by a few other girls, Norah found the quietest and darkest corner she could to hide away in. As she was glancing around and fidgeting with her hands nervously, a cute guy popped into her vision holding a cup out for her.

"I couldn't help but notice you may need this. Especially coming to a party with the social queen." The mystery guy said in a gentle tone and flashing a bright white smile. Norah felt her knees go weak slightly and used the wall to her advantage as she grabbed the cup from his hand.

She quickly took a big gulp of the liquid, discovering it was beer. Welcoming the taste, she took a few more sips before extending out her hand to the guy in front of her.

"I'm Norah. Thank you for the drink, it really was needed." She flashed him a friendly smile before chuckling.

Matthew wrapped his hand around her delicate hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I'm Matthew, it's very nice to meet you Norah. Are you a student here?" He asked curiously, his hand still enclosing her hand.

"I am. I haven't been to the social gatherings this past week, Autumn almost drug me out of the dorm." She chuckled as she thought of Autumn begging her to come out with her. Norah was also aware of their hands still together and couldn't exactly make out what the feeling it was giving her. She usually avoided parties because of the string of guys that want to be with her, but something about Matthew made her stomach knot up with butterflies.

"Ah, got to love Autumn and her social butterfly self. Did you want to go talk somewhere a little quieter?" He ask as he finally dropped her hand from his own. Norah nodded and he led her to the little bench outside.


Author note: I'm trying to get back into writing. Please forgive me if it's kinda bad, I'm trying to push through a decade long writers block as well. I hope you enjoyed it though!!
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