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by numan
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Found this while lurking in the wide-web that connects most. This is what I can decipher.
"… as the screams of the newborn god echoed in the reality those who can hear it filled with awe and fear. Awe, as it carried the promise of a bright future. Fear, as it carried the promise of change.
As the waves of fate raise and sink those who dare to approach, he wasn’ t the only one wishing to end up slightly better than what he was. He knew that his sacrifice was small enough that the loss would not faze him but big enough to make him last in this realm enough, for a later visit. And who knows maybe this was his lucky day.
What he did not know, however, was that the sacrifice was symbolic. Like all gods, this one craved not anything material, but rather, it lusts after peoples beliefs and dreams. The moments they believed this god is worthy to sacrifice for and the tiny sparks of ideas that could ignite the gods potential.
The real price was one’s sanity.
Of course, more money would not hurt the god. Since this was a zero-sum game, to raise one of these mortals high enough to make others see him, to make him bright enough to attract other moths, this god needed millions of these sacrifices.
After he returned, he would be murmuring of the things that he could become. For the rest of his life, he would be wondering among his kin, blabbering about the nature of this god. For masses, it would sound like madness. Few would have the capacity to understand it, fewer would be brave enough to wander into this cryptic realm and only a small fraction of them would be wealthy enough to cause a ripple in there.
Nonetheless, the god needed only a tiny spark to evolve, and enough believers to keep it alive until then."
-from the scribbles of a madman in an imaginary realm about cryptocurrency.
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