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The crazy weather of Fall just before and after it. What is one to wear each day.
There is guesswork at knowing how to get properly dressed for the day around a new Fall season, before, during and after it. Waking up to different temps each day in Autumn as it goes.

There is guesswork in knowing ahead of time what the weather will offer a given day. Of course, one can check the forecast ahead of time but what will bring throughout the day period is anyone's guess.

During the season's change from summer to fall I had a clothing fallout or clothing fails. I went from wearing all summer ware for the day too all winter ware for the next as the weather dictated.

Then, it swung back and forth by rotating the two seasonal clothing together. This was very confusing and not accommodating myself with a certain look for an uncertain weather pattern.

In the summer clothing to start of the week I would add a sweater and head into town with the cooler air. By the afternoon time, the temps climbed profusely and sweated to death by my wraps. It was hot flashed all the way home until I could undress.

Then it took another turn in the forecast and decided to beat the heat by wearing summer clothes again. And, of course it would cool down throughout the day and then shivering all the way home and into the evening with my heat turned on.

My guess is that one has to dress in layers then take away or add clothing according to what weather permits. From cool to hot and from hot to cool, I dress like a fool sometimes. Layering is the best bet--and take a jacket with you if you go out on the town for the day and it cools off. Or, just peel away clothing in the heat. Layer up or layer down is my motto. Do you know how to dress?
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