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First contact with a new world. Flash Fiction contest entry.
As the ship moved into the outer edge of the star system, the captain turned to the first officer.

"Commander, do we have any new information about the inhabitants of planet S3?"

"No, sir. Our long-range scanners are still inoperative and we have no transmission capability. We should be able to receive some communication when we are close enough. We only have the communications we received just before we left the spaceport. That would seem to indicate an advanced civilization capable of traveling to many star systems."

"But why haven't we come across them yet? We've been to nearly every inhabited planet in this quadrant. Are they hiding from us?"

"Insufficient data, Captain. We will be approaching the planet soon, though, and I believe we will have the answer then. Is our mission still the same?"

"Yes. The council says we are to proceed with extreme caution and land near one of the population centers. We will attempt to communicate after we land, but if we detect any hostile action we are to defend ourselves and the Federation. The "Planet Killer" is to be used only as a last resort."

"Entering orbit now, Captain. Short range scans show a great deal of water and a number of land masses with a variety of flora and fauna in the water and on the land. The dominant species appears to be humanoid. We are close enough now to receive some communication. However, I am hearing nothing about this "Captain Kirk" or the "Enterprise" vessel. There is a message coming in."

"... of the United States Air Force. Identify yourself or you will be destroyed!"

"Captain, I am detecting the launch of what appear to be multiple nuclear missiles!"

"Commander, take us out of orbit and activate the "Planet Killer" weapon.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2170020