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A poem about the ties that bind.
It seems like an eternity,
Since I woke you last,
But the red string of fate,
Has tied a knot,
'Round both our necks,
That draws tighter,
With every passing hour.

Our descent is inevitable;
Down the proverbial rabbit hole.
I know this,
Because I know,
You are just like me;
Running scared,
From a small town,
Filled with small minds.

I traveled on your road today,
Narrow and covered in holes;
Houses decaying and grown over with vines;
Hoping for a glimpse of you,
Walking like a phantom,
In the shade of the pines.

But there was nothing,
And that's where it all comes together.
Nothingness is what brought us here,
Nothingness that goes on forever,
Nothing is what we left behind,
Nothing inside,
Nothing left to find.

Now I fill my nothing,
With memories of you,
And your crazy ideas,
But I never really,
Thought they were crazy,
After all,
Because I thought them too.

Where are you now?
I may never know,
But as long as I keep choking,
I will keep searching,
Because I feel you,
Tugging on my string,
And I need to breath.
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