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by Pat
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The skies sure are lovely here in Queens with you...
Chapter One

Being a Stark was hard. Not only did my dad and my mom not get along but my mom was abusive. And it wasn't until now that my dad actually got to see me due to my mom not wanting him to see me anymore(Something in me told me she was jealous of the luxury and actual love my dad has given to me. Not that he didn't love her once its just, never mind you get it.) The limo pulled outfront of the large school. A science school. I looked at happy. "Have a good time kid. Don't let anyone push you around." I nodded, stepping out of the over the top entrance vehicle. "I'll be here to pick you up at 4." I nodded and watched as he drove away. Kids were staring at me. I pushed my hair back and walked up the stairs. "Uhm. Hi. I'm new." "Name" "Ava Stark" the woman, unlike in the books, was young and pretty. "Oh! Here one minute hon. Just wait there and I'll get your papers and schedule. I'll call someone to show you around." She smiled lightly. As I sat down I saw a boy being pushed by another boy. I glared. Bullies. You may think that having a dad like Tony would make me the snarky rich girl, but it doesn't. I hate bullies just as much as the next person. The lady came back with some papers. And the same boy I saw getting pushed. "Ava, this is Peter. Peter Parker. Peter, this is Ava-" "Stark. I know her dad told me she was coming" "Well. I thought maybe you could show her around. You know. Maybe show her to her classes." He nodded. We walked out of the office. "How do you know my dad?" "Stark Internship" He said smiling and nodding towards a hall. I looked at him, admiring the fact that I had just noticed how attractive this kid really was. "Whats your first class?" "Uh Art." "That's there." He said pointing to a room on the left side of the hall. "Let me see your list." I handed it to him. "You have every class with me except art." He said handing me my list back. "Just meet me here after your first class." He said walking away and then turned around and as he was walking backwards he asked "Do you want to sit by me at lunch?" I nodded. He smiled but it was gone as he tripped over his shoe. I giggled as he dusted himself off and turned around.
*Time skip*
Art had gone by slow. On my first day I had met a girl named Liz. Once I had told everyone about me and who my dad was, she acted like I wasn't even there. She would glare at me sometimes. So there's that. I groaned internally and walked out of the crowded room and into the even more crowded hallway. Peter was right there. I smiled lightly. As soon as I walked up to him though, Liz. I stopped smiling. (Please pretend in homecoming Liz and Peter are dating. But Flash still pushes him around) She hugged him. That time I stopped walking, hid in the entrance and put my headphones in my ear and walked passed acting like he wasn't even there. I had ended up in front of the room I was supposed to be in. But as soon as I sat down the teacher ushered me up to the front of the room. "Introductions first!" he said cheerily. When the class finally filed in I started to get nervous. Peter had this class with me and I had just totally ignored him(Even though he waved at me and stepped in front of me when he saw me) I watched him walk in. He looked up at me and then looked down. I promised myself that I would later apologize for what I had done. The teacher cleared his throat. "Sorry. I'm Ava Stark. I am from Greenport, I'm 15 almost 16 and I live on the 7th floor of The Stark Tower." I said smiling. "Welcome Ava. Please take a seat next to Peter." I looked over at him and he was impatiently tapping his pen against the table watching out the window. I sat next to him. "Hi" I said unsurly. He huffed a hello. "I'm sorry about what happened after art. And I know it seems like I was trying to ignore you, but I can promise you I wasn't" "Then what was it? I really thought about becoming your friend. I thought to myself 'She isn't like any of the other rich kids' But I was wrong." "Come by Stark Tower with me after school and I promise I'll explain." He rolled his eyes, causing my stomach to sink in shame. 'Please let this day go by quick'

Chapter two will be up hopefully soon. Please do Criticize my work!
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