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this story is about a little green dino
Hello, I'm minty the dino. I'm very friendly.
I love cuddling I also love playing with everybody who is kind and helpful to me.
If anybody is rude to me to me though, I won't play with them because I value myself.
I can be funny, cute and lovable.
my favorite foods are fruit, veggies, pizza, and french fries.
my least favorite foods are spinach, salad, and peas.
I think they are yucky.
my talents are sing and dancing.
I could sing and dance all day long.
I have small green scales on the back of my head and on my back.
I also have pick blushy cheeks, short arms, a short tail and green hearts on my feet.
Now you know a little bit about me, do you want to be my friend
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