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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2170235
Sorji is forced to confront a dark remnant from her past.
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War of The 9 Realms:Demons of Folgoré#2  (18+)
Sorji Rymehart, an up and coming unicorn meister is faced with a tough decision.
#2169647 by Derrol Edwards- Fantasy Writer

War of The Nine Realms: Demons of Folgoré #3

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1st Place In The Cliff Hanger Contest October 2018

         It was the night of The Indus Valley Grand Prix, a treacherous nine mile battle between twelve of Folgoré cities' best unicorn meisters.

         All bets were on Sorji Rymehart, the crowd favorite. The thirty year old elf strode through the poorly lit halls under the arena pavilion. Her long blonde hair tied into a neat ponytail that reached down the back of her green, long sleeved shirt.

         She was still shaken by what her proprietors had demanded of her earlier. So shaken, that she didn't hear the footsteps of the vile creature approaching around the corner, koops... klops, closer... and closer. Until she found herself inches from the vile monster. It's pitch black eyes cold and unnerving as they stared into hers.

         "So you're still alive," blurted Sorji.

          The pale vampiric beauty flicked his dark hair. "Now, is that anyway to greet your husband," said the vampire, Ramsey.

         "Ex-husband," Sorji shot back. "And I want nothing to do with you," she said as she pressed pass him.

         "But I have a message for you... from Hurley."

         Sorji stopped. What?! Her mind screamed. She spun around to face him. "You're working with the Capeminotaurs?!"

         " Yes. They chose to bet on me to win this race. And just in case you had any bright ideas about disobeying their instructions. Just remember, It'll be suicide to disobey them, for you and for your family," said Ramsey with a smirk on his face.

         "Why?" Sorji asked in a whisper, avoiding the vampire's gaze.


         "Why would you do this? You of all people know how much this means to me. To my family. Haven't you already taken enough from us?!" Sorji screamed at him with wet eyes.

         "Oh my sweet Sorji, do you really think I care about you? You think that I would go out of my way to hurt YOU? Don't be ridiculous. This was all Hurley's idea... He did want me to relay a message though."

         "He said to ensure that I'm the one that wins this race, do whatever you must but be sure to protect your beloved Ramsey," he whispered to Sorji as he placed a hand on her cheek.

         She swiftly slapped it away. "You know, I'm not the same little girl that was infatuated with you all those years ago. You. Hurley. The Capeminotaurs. Come at me. Come at the Rymehart family! Even if we die, the realm would know... the Rymeharts were the greatest unicorn meisters ever to grace these lands!" Sorji yelled, then stormed off down the hall.


         “Is everything in place Minister Gahwo?” Asked Indrajit, god of the thunderous sky. The well dressed demigod of asura sat at a small table. An elegant assortment of fine foods were sprawled over a sparkling white table cloth before him. His body was an assortment of parts from various species sown together like some sort of frankenstein monster.

         “Yes my Lord. The ghosts should be arriving any minute now. I ordered them to kill everyone in their path,” the minister answered.


         Sorji emerged from the hallway into the lounge where the other contestants had gathered. She was making her way to Ivy, her pink and fluffy unicorn in the stables on the opposite end of the cavernous room.

         Most of the Contestants were seated to her right in various lounge chairs, chatting and trading insults. To her left was the loading dock, where the arena staff was busy loading and unloading the hover-trams as they ambled into view.

         She was almost halfway across the room when Sam and Chase O'Lantern emerged from behind the twelve foot bronze statue of Halloween, the legendary dwarf. He was the first ever unicorn meister, said to have tamed the legendary unicorn, Tornado, on the very first All Hallows' Eve.

          The pair of O'Lanterns approached Sorji, they were both wearing purple body armor over black t-shirts. Their beady little eyes glowing red in the void of their huge pumpkin heads. "So, you're Sorji Rymehart," said Chase O'Lantern, taking a bite from a red hot piece of cinder he had in his hand.

         "Yes, I am. And what could the great prince from Muspelheim want with someone like me?" Asked Sorji.

         "My grandfather was Kran O'Lantern," Chase answered. "Rival to your grandfather, the legendary Castelleno Rymehart."

         "Oh," was all Sorji could muster as she revelled in the excitement of going up against the grandson of her grandfather's greatest rival.

         "I see, I was wondering why they allowed a Muspelheim prince to enter this race," said Freina Le Fay as she approached the group, the orb atop her twisted wooden staff emitting a slight, white glow.

         "I'm impressed you were able to hear that from where you were," said prince Chase.

         "That's Freina Le Fay my Lord," said Sam O'Lantern. "The all-hearing witch."

         "Oh, I see my reputation precedes me," said Freina gleefully. "Sorji, I need to talk to you."

         "I've already told you Freina, we aren't in school anymore. There's no room for friends on the battle zone. So, stop concerning yourself with me."

         "Yes, you made it perfectly clear that we aren't friends anymore... It's just. I overheard your conversation with Ramsey."

         Sorji immediately turned away. Why? Why are you always like this Freina?! She thought.

         "And even if you've shut yourself off from me, I'm still your friend," Freina went on as Sam and Chase stood there confused as to what was going on.

          Uncertain of what to say, Sorji just stood there, her eyes wondering while her mind raced. All the while, beneath the torrents of emotions she was feeling, an alarm was going off in the back of her mind as the hover-tram pulled into view. Twenty, maybe thirty of them on board. They weren't real people, they were artificially created human slaves, ghosts. But, why are they all armed? Sorji thought... right before all hell broke loose.


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 War of The 9 Realms:Demons of Folgoré#4  (18+)
Katrina struggles to reunite with her daughter.
#2173331 by Derrol Edwards- Fantasy Writer

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