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by Norman
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A poem - with rhyme
Without rhyme a poem is lost
Like a plot that's gone astray
The story starts and stutters
And cannot find its way

         My life is full of chaos
         Each day is something new
         And poetry can soothe my soul
         As nothing else can do

Without rhyme a poem is sad
It knows not where to go
Like a song played out of sync
Too fast or much too slow

         I need to have some harmony
         Some rhythm and some rhyme
         The verses must be set and true
         In meter and in time

Without rhyme a poem is just
A story, nothing more
A vessel that is empty
A room without a door

         But if the lines are without rhyme
         And if the verse is free
         Then I don't know of what will come
         To be or not to be
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