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This is the layout of a book I am writing, if you guys have any ideas. Please share.
Seven Have Been Broken revolves around the book of Revelations, as many can interpret this chapter in the Bible as the Revelation of our lost faith; not the fact that God is punishing us for the loss of faith. But God is trying to vaguely expose us that we can rekindle our faith in him as he still loves and has faith in us.
Act i.
The main character; 20 yr. old Drake Ramero has lost his faith in God after the death of his father a preacher, during a break-in; which had left his mother to get a job to support the family. The story then cuts to when he is being escorted to the chamber where his to be executed by a firing squad; for what crime we do only see through scenes from the news, that are cut before the crime can be said. The scene cuts back to the priest asking if he has anything to confess before he is sent to his death. Drake resists telling anything to the priest, but asks if God judges those who have rejected him, more than the people that wrong others. The priest responds with a passage from the bible. Leaving the room to let Drake ponder what he had said. Cutting back to Drake being escorted to the chamber, as they enter the room. A news report on the possible end of the world is shown on the TV next to the execution chamber with a picture of people’s clothes left in the street of New York with the people nowhere to be see. [The piles of clothes in the street; are a reference to Adam and Eve]. Inside the chamber there is a pile of clothes that were the escort and the executioner. All but one of the security escorts is left; Paul reasoning that they have to work together to find a way to find their faith in each other and in god as the first seal is broken; shown as the streets erupt in gunfire and explosions. The duo run towards the doors as a voice echoes throughout the halls saying: “One of the seals have been broken.” in hebrew.
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