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by Norman
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Sometimes getting old can be a bitch
Nostalgia is an ugly word.
It sounds like a disease.
“Take two of these each morning, sir.”
“Better up the dosage, please.”

I’m tired of living in the past.
I’m sick of feeling old.
Just sitting in my rocking chair,
gathering dust and growing mold.

I’ve got to change my habits now,
get out of this old rut.
If I don’t move I’ll waste away;
I feel it in my gut.

I doubled up the dosage just
to get my bones in gear.
Got out of those pajamas and
grabbed something nice to wear.

I cranked my old Toyota van
and headed into town.
I had to turn the headlights on;
the sun was setting down.

I stopped into the local pub
to have myself a beer.
Good timing; it was happy hour.
The place was full of cheer.

There were some pretty women there
and lots of young guys, too.
Slim chances for a geezer but
I’d see what I could do.

I asked some gal to dance with me.
The music was real fast.
I hoped those pills would help me out.
I hoped my pep would last.

I two-stepped for a beat or two
then shuffled for some more.
The next I knew they wheeled me out
on a stretcher through the door.

The moral of this story and
the lesson that I learned –
you can’t go back and relive all
those years that you have burned.

Nostalgia’s not so bad, you know.
Yeah, things could be far worse.
At least you have some memories.
Dementia is the curse.

There is no shame in getting old,
when all is said and done.
You got the best of Father Time.
You’re hanging on; you won.

So settle in your rocking chair,
enjoy each passing day.
And cherish those fond memories
to pass the time away.

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