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by K.HBey
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Elizabeth lives in one day at same time two opposite events ; happy and sad ones.
She is terribly anxious. Elizabeth is a beautiful woman of thirty years old. She is slender and tall. She gets blue eyes and two wrinkles are seen at the external corner of her eyes when she smiles. A thing which adds a certain charm to them. She gets dark blond hair too.
She is an interpreter and loves her job and is extremely intelligent and too sensitive.

In such harsh moment she remembers her father who died from an advanced injury acquired from the war and since ten years ago. He was a soldier and fought in the second war world. He told her before he died: "I hate war such evil which harvests lives in vain and would catch mine too . We should build lives not demolish them. I have never been proud of this ."

Elizabeth has tears flooding her eyes. Severe features are carved on her face. As a sadness invades her eyes like clouds invading the sky within a storm.
Her mother is greatly ill. She knows she will die. She gets eighty years and acquires acute respiratory insufficiency. With her advanced age she will not support such health disability any more. She is in coma.
The last time when she hugged her and whispered to her such words a day before being in coma. She said in low and weak voice: "It is you my daughter Elizabeth! ".

Today Elizabeth is stepping the room with an immense difficulty. She is exhausted. She does not sleep. Her heart is beating fast at the idea that the moment of her mother death has come.
She receives at this moment a phone call; she has just been accepted for a great position as an interpreter at the United kingdom embassy . Submerged in her sadness Elizabeth receives the call with apathy. Though she has been waiting for such position for a long; it is for her the life dream.

When she enters the room she finds her mother died. She stays a beautiful woman. Fair dyed and a smile remain on her lips. She has gone to another world which is surely better than us but Elizabeth feels loneliness.

Indeed her mother suffered a lot these last years because of health troubles and the death is a mercy from the Creator for her. Elizabeth realizes that she has lost the dearest person who used to hug and kiss her and waiting for her with her innate mother love.
She realizes that she will no more see such smile on her mother face and which renders her heart full of happiness. Henceforth Elizabeth sees such world just empty without her mother.
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