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this is a little bit more about me and my life. This is an autobiography written by me.
Alexcia was born in London on July 12th, 2007 at Victoria hospital. She lived in London for about three years, then moved to st.thomas. Alexcia lived in st.thomas for about seven years and now she is living in Tobermory and goes to BPDS in Lions Head. she is living with her mom and brother and is eleven years old.

Alexcia went to JRC public school before she came to BPDS. Alexcia is in Ms.Earle’s class and her favorite subject is math. Alexcia is a social butterfly, at her old school had a lot of friends, here are some of her old friend's names Jenny, Taylor, Hannah, and Kyla. Alexcia has two hobbies and they are writing and drawing. Alexcia loves to write she writes in her spare time but it's kind of personal to her, other times she practices her drawing/sketching.

Alexcia love nature and animals, she spends the most she can outside. After school Alexcia likes to play outside, go on youtube, and write. She loves soccer because it's her favorite sport, Alexcia was on her last school’s junior soccer team since grade four. Alexcia hangs out with the two same people every day and they are ava p. and Alexcia B. she has other friends but doesn’t hang out with them as much. Alexcia keeps her personal life mostly to herself she only tells people she trusts.

Alexcia's mom was born on October 10th and loves her and her two brothers but aside from family, she loves it when she has quiet and relaxation time after she gets home from work.
Alexcia brother Vincent was born on February 25th, 2011, he loves video game, stuffy, Mario Bros and his tablet. Alexcia’s brother Ethan was born on September 8th, 2005, he loves video games and Pokemon cards. Alexcia's dad birthdate is a mystery but he loves to draw, video games, cards, shopping, and all of us kids. Alexcia dad and mom left each other but it was for the best because they are both happy. her mom is happy and dating, her dad is happy and single. If you want more info on Alexcia just inform her, by this website.
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