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Just a little bit more...A little bit of this and a little bit of that.


"What did you do? What did you do, Lenny?!" Moxy looked at Lenny and pointed his gun sideways at him.
"You knew right from the start, you fucking rat bastard." He grabbed the sides of his head with both hands and gun. "Now what do I do?" He pointed the gun back at Lenny and impulse fired.
"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God," Moxy spun in a circle. "Now look what you made me do." He looked at the gun in his hands and dropped it. "Ah-h, shit, man," He turned and ran." © KP





Sometimes life throws curveballs. The more it rains, the more depressing it gets. The darker the yawning abyss becomes. Then a little voice speaks through. "We still have each other."
And a little speck of light, like the smallest of small candles, Way far off in the distance, starts to flicker and maybe, just maybe, a hint of a rainbow.


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