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by meghan
Rated: E · Sample · Tragedy · #2170543
This is the introduction to a story that I am writing on a different website. Enjoy :)
sickness of the mind plagues no particular one,
though, its favorite is the weak in spirit, strong in physical nature.
it comes in many forms--so many varying configurations--it can be difficult to detect if not early on.
it will disguise itself, lurk within the deepest latibules of the brain,
make subtle appearances as if not to be forgotten.
there is no cure, no cure.
to kill the deplorable infection is to kill the host along with it;
for it attaches itself to the very power source of life, like a leach,
twisting and contorting fiction into reality, moral obligations into mere suggestions, wrong into right.
safety is elusive, if not reached before the darkness spreads.
oh lord, save thy soul from wicked temptation, from sins unforgivable as murder
succumbing to the whispers of desire shall result in nothing but pure and utter despondency,
as though hell has already been attained before the sweet liberation of untimely decease.
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