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In this blog, I will gonna share to you my greatest ambition in my life,
Flying With You, This is the line most of a cabin crew would say to their passengers. In 10-20 years from now I will be an International Cabin Crew of one of the best airline in the world because she want to travel the world for free; and I would like to give my parents a free ticket to travel in any places as my reward for them because they worked hard just to send me toschool. Being a cabin crew is not just about serving coffee and more in the aircraft, they are highly trained professionals; They had many roles like firefighter, nurse, first aider, comforter and more. They are our safety professionals since they are trained to lead passengers nearest emergency exits within 90 seconds only. And also want to wear their uniform with a warm smile: I want to comfort people who left their family behind and people who have “aviophobia”, while flying around the world I will be a writer and to inspire children of the next generation. To pursue their dreams in becoming a cabin crew and to share to them what is it feels during my training days and
how I reached my dreams through writing stories about the life of a cabin crew and to publish it in other country or here in the Philippines and she will be a vlogger who features a placewhere she went and the culture of the people what I’m going to for now as astudent, I will study well through reading plenty of books and not to
complain on the teacher that she/he gives and exams almost everyday and
of course working hard is equal to goodgrades. MABUHAY!

This is your future cabin crew member
Flying with you soon!
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