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My Story on board Lite Ferry 16 of Lite Shipping Corporation- Lite Ferries
May 24, 2018
Bato, Samboan, Cebu, Philippines

One night there was this one family who prepares their things because they are going to Zamboanga City by land, When we are now at the port of Bato, Samboan, Cebu we are waiting and my dad is falling in line to get our tickets and other requirements so that we can bring our car on the ship. My mom and I look for food and brought boiled eggs so that we have something to eat aboard the ship. And we eat ballot and I take a video for my YouTube channel. Unfinished! I did not continue, yes the name of the ship is M/V- Lite Ferry 16 of Lite Shipping Corporation. At 6:00 in the evening we come aboard the ship and I’m excited to ride! The crew of the ship helped us to park on the ship then we are parked near the exit stairs and the crew said that we will pass the entrance stairs because this is exit stairs. And I also talked to their crew. As we enter the ship, I said WOW! Then I looked at the entrance door and it says there “WELCOME ABOARD!” and after that we went to our room which we will be sleeping in tourist accommodation, then one crew saw us as we are about to eat our dinner on the bench their crew said that we will eat at the canteen and so we did! After eating our dinner we went to our room and look for our beds. We found it! My parents will be sleeping at the lower bed and I will be sleeping at the upper deck, as the ship leaves the port I went outside and look what happened and then I discovered the view deck (Muster Stations) then I went back and my mom said that she will come with me and we saw many beautiful lights and we talked about anything. Later my mom ask me that I will get what she needs, in the room, they are showing us their safety demonstration/video so that we will know the safety features of their ship then I watched it so that in case the ship sinks and I took a picture on it and add to my Facebook story with the caption “M/V LITE FERRY 16 SAFETY DEMONSTRATION/ VIDEO” then after that, I went back at the view deck and said to them that “why you did not go inside? They are showing their safety demonstration” and no reply from her.

We are now going out the sea of Dumaguete City and heading to the open seas. Later we went inside our cabin and I’m going to sleep, and I cannot sleep because the kids are noisy they are always running, shouting, laughing and the girl hit her head on the door because of the huge waves and she cried, I want to said be quiet to her but I did not do it, later here comes the father and his baby boy, they are always saying “pickaboo!” and I laugh silently the ship that we ride is dancing on the middle of the sea, she is dancing in the middle of the sea but I was not scared because I let God be the captain of the ship and I let his angels be the crew. So me and my mom stayed at the view deck and I sat down and talked to my mom and later the captain and his crew are talking and we are listening, listening to their conversation while the ship is dancing in the sea until I go back inside at 11:00 pm to sleep, this time I force myself to sleep even if I’m not sleepy the people this time are sleeping already including the kids. At 12:45 Am the captain made an announcement. “Attention to all passengers aboard this vessel, M/V Lite Ferry 16 will be docked at the port of Dapitan within minutes” and we woke up all of us woke up and I go back at the view deck if we are near at the port of Dapitan and I saw that we arrived safely and at the same time I am sad because we will soon be leaving the ship . Before we board at the ship I was expecting that it will be the same service like Maayo Shipping, the ship that we took going to Negros, the services are excellent, and I’m looking to sail again with Lite Ferry 16 and other Lite Shipping fleets, it’s so relaxing. If the captain is looking forward to the passengers to sail with them again so am I!
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