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by jully
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part 2 to adventures in hunting hope you like it!
The man was driving on the road with Sid still yelling for help when his phone rang.
"Hey Freddy any problems going on over there?" He asked as he picked up the phone
"Listen we need that girl that was with them." Freddy said
"Why do you need her?" he said in reply
"Look we just do. Bring her to me very soon!" Freddy said as he hung up the phone
Once he got to the warehouse in the next town he stopped there and sung the trunk open he saw that Sid was passed out from all the turns. He swung Sid over his shoulder and walked inside. As Sid woke up he groaned in pain as he looked around and saw that he was tied to a chair in the middle of a warehouse with levers and cages on the walls of the room he saw huge double doors swing open as the shapeshifter was dressed as Zac. The next day Zac finds a hunt for a shapeshifter. You guys decide to check it out. Once you got there you guys checked into the Blue Rose motel.The next morning you rolled over in your bed to find that the bed next to you was empty you looked around the motel for Zac but couldn't find him you called his phone relieved to hear his voice saying that he was out, that he found a lead on the shapeshifter, and to meet him at the warehouse. You were suspicious so you loaded up on silver bullets (because that was the only thing that could kill a shapeshifter). Once you got there you looked around only to find that Zac's car wasn't there even though it was gone when you left the motel you cocked the gun ready to shoot anything that moved. Then you saw Zac's reflection in the warehouse windows, but he was holding a wrench? Why would he be holding that you wondered as you swung around and he hit you with the wrench knocking you out. When you woke up you were locked in a cage.
"I heard you and Zac were looking for this" He said as he lifted up a tarp covering a cage
You looked closely at it before turning away. It was Sid. He grunted as he started to wake up.
"Y/N?" He asked weakly while facing you
"Sid!!! Your alive!" You yelled relieved to see him
The shapeshifter had called Zac and told him that he had you guys and was either going to kill you or Sid and to met him at the warehouse to make the choice.
Zac had his jacket on with a hidden gun under it. He went inside in the search of you and Sid.
"Y/N! Sid are you in here!" You heard Zac yell
"Zac were in here!" You yelled for him
Zac turned the corner and saw Sid in the cage.
"Pull that lever right there that's how to open the cage." Sid told Zac as he was studying the levers. He pulled the lever and set Sid free and set you free as the shapeshifter snuck up behind Zac. He stabbed Zac in the leg making him fall when Sid killed him you rushed over to Zac and you and Sid carried him to the hotel and you fixed the cut on him where he could still walk.

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