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by Rich
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Assignment 1
What if the paramedic that responded to your home was more then he appeared? Emicarn Lothlorn [placer name] saves his patients who won't survive by .. converting them? Along with his partner, who knows his unique situation, they take them to the hospital where declared dead they are moved to a secret facility. What if they were found out and an organization was set on stopping them.

What if a man, seemingly an average sellsword, wasn't just a man? Telgren was an adventurer and one day when you were in mortal danger he appeared to see you were spared death. His true nature being revealed in that momment. How could that man reconcile the sellsword he knew with the reality of what that long time companion was? What if he couldn't?

Are the moving lights in the sky we see in the darkness of night just aircraft carrying people to their destinations? What if they are something more. Angels soaring above us in the eternal fight against evil. What if you were the only person who could see them for what they are?
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