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by Rich
Rated: E · Assignment · Activity · #2170713
October NaNo prep - Assignment 2
Setting; A mid to large city. I may use Boston as I live near there and know some of the area. Plus the historical context of the area appeals to me and may be able to tie into the main character.

Protagonist: I'm not sure of a name just yet, but he will be a vampire paramedic. An oxymoron perhaps. Working night shift obviously along with a regular partner who I don't see as a main character but likely should.

Flaws: Well, the whole undead thing might be considered a flaw. His temper gets the best of him at times. A holdover from his living days is that he will risk everything to keep those he considers “his” safe, friends – co-workers – those he converts. These may not seem flaws but for the undead they may very well be. Personally, my old ROTC instructor once said that my biggest flaw was that I have the courage of my convictions, for this character that may hold true.

Goals: To remain unknown to the world at large would be a major goal. If there was even a hint that something most people consider to be evil, feared, and destroyed was among them the results would make the salem witch trials look like a school play. To fight death which for a paramedic would make perfect sense, but the conflict is trying to reconcile that to save people he believes deserving of avoiding the grim reaper he must in fact, bring about their death.

Conflict: what is keeping him from his goal? Well, a secret society for lack of a better term. The Falgrim Conclave. They are aware that undead exist. They seek them out when a pattern seems to emerge. They have come to the area and investigating. How they figured out to be here is a mystery still, but they add a significant element of risk. Many in the mainstream of society consider them to be fringe lunatics at best. At the same time their website and reports have a wide following as well as sensational groups tend to have.

One line sentence: Mike was dedicated to saving life, even after he died, if he can keep his practice hidden from the Conclave.
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