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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2170719
When a little white lie would do
I didn’t mean to make you cry
I know it hurts you so
Tell me that you’ll stay with me
Please tell me you won’t go

Tell me that you love me still
Please tell me it's okay
We can fix the things we broke
Don't look at me that way

I still recall the day we met
It’s stored within my heart
That’s the day I fell in love
And knew we’d never part

I never meant to hurt you so
And cause you so much strife
You know you mean much more to me
Than anything else in life

I know I shouldn’t have called you fat
That wasn’t very nice
You tried on that new dress you bought
You asked for my advice

And I so blindly told the truth
I couldn’t stop my tongue
You’re really not the slender girl
You were when you were young

But that’s okay, I’m used to it
We all have changed a bit
Yes, I’ve packed my bag to leave
Don’t have another snit

You tried to lose that weight before
You lost a pound or two
But now you are way overweight
There’s more like two of you

There I go, I’ve sinned again
I know it’s so uncouth
I really just can’t help myself
You asked me for the truth

So no, it’s not the dress at all
It’s what you stuffed inside
You hoped that dress would slim you down
But there’s much, too much to hide

But I still love you, all of you
Don’t shove me out the door
Remember that I love you still
In fact I love you more

For there is so much more to love
Of that there is no doubt
Okay, okay, I’m leaving now
There’s really no need to shout

You think I would have learned by now
Oh stupid, stupid me
Remember what the bible says
The truth shall set you free

And I am free - once again

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