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Fantasy on the Horizon

I can feel the cool wind whipping my hair across my face as my girl sits, straddled, behind me. One of her strong arms wrapped around my chest, while her other hand grips my nut sack. We ride through the mountains, to one side are long, reddish towering cliffs, the other, the ocean. Waves crash on the shore almost a hundred feet below us while moonlight hits the ocean at an angle that just catches the eye. The custom made bike we ride makes almost as much noise as the ocean. Her hand gently massages my balls as we make our way to our destination, a quiet cabin on the edge of the Merchatan peninsula. It's a good thing it's misting, the cool water on my face feels unbelievably good as I sweat with anticipation. It will be just the right time when we arrive, the twin moons will be just over the cabin. It takes eighty years for the moons to orbit at the same time on the same horizon. Eventually, the moons will eclipse one another. It's the only time of these long years that people, no matter the race: elf, human, troll, ogre, fey, or any of the other goodly races on this world can enjoy powerful orgasms and possibly conceive. The twin moons will be visible for eight months. That is what is known as the time of the rift.

During the rest of the years, we can enjoy the pleasure of touch. Abail and I do so almost every night. The arousal that can be inflicted will bring us both impossibly close to the brink, yet this month we find that we can finally fully release. An orgasm can sometimes be fatal, but what a way to go! It is customary to abstain for the full month before the time of the rift. Just last month we played in such a forceful and erotic way, that if the powers that be would've allowed us to cum, we would have probably both perished in a blaze of satisfaction.

These are not laws or mandates by which we live, these are laws of nature. The elven bodies are so mystical and beautified by magic we neither see nor understand that they become so tempting that we just cannot help but engage in procreative displays even before the months of the rift. Most of the other races just don't seem to even have a sexual drive before the time of the rift. Because of the heightened sex drive during the rift, all wars halt, all politics stop, and almost all forms of sales cease to exist. There are some of us who cannot procreate at all; those are the merchants that resort to selling only necessities such as food, water, and other "adult" necessities, during this time of the year.

And so we ride. We ride to a fully stocked cabin, we ride to eight months of nothing but pure ecstasy and bliss. We ride to a place with no worries, no jobs, and absolutely no responsibilities, only that of pleasing each other intensely.

"I can't wait to rip you apart my love!" Abail says into the headset, as she squeezes my nuts just a bit harder, pressing her perfectly formed body practically inside me. Her touch electrifies my senses even through the smooth thick leather we wear as we ride. I can picture what she looks like even though the side mirrors reveal little. She wears a long leather trench coat that flaps in the wind behind us as we ride. Her long legs are covered in form-fitting leather, with the exception of her crotch, which she left bare to feel the vibrations as we ride to the bike's fullest capability. Her elegant spirit sword glistening in the moonlight as the trench whips around as the wind pulls it back to reveal an elegant leather corset, all in black and silver, of course.

I speed up, going beyond the bounds of safety, knowing that if I do, no help will be available to us if something were to happen. My teeth grind together as my hands squeeze the throttle just a bit more. I do this as much to get there quicker as I do to get her to grip harder on my body, laying loose her grip on my nuts. The fear I feel as we ride past the brink of safety, adds just the right burst of adrenalin to help me get over my fear of crashing before we can even start the festivities that I have planned for us when we reach the cabin. Within minutes the cabin is in sight just over the hill at the end of my very own private peninsula.

"I will use my new dagger to cut this leather off of you if you shan't be able to get it off fast enough for me my love." Comes the echo in my headset as I slow the bike to get ready to park. I smile inside my helmet and knowing that were almost there; my body temperature rises fast and my breath comes fast. I'm Just barely able to kick out the stand when she squeezes my balls as hard as she can forcing me to turn and face her as I get pulled off the bike. Knocking me off balance and ripping my helmet off my head with her other hand, She already stands before me breathing hard against my face as her body presses up against mine. She licks the contours of my jaw, while never relinquishing her grip of my nuts. In fact, I think she has managed to squeeze even harder now. Her squeeze sending sparks of agony and pleasure at the same time throughout my entire body. Now I'm pressed up against the warm steel of the freshly turned off bike as I let out a gasp of both pleasure and pain. Gently, I lick the point of her ear. Instantly my nuts are released as she goes into a slight pleasure spasm. The ears of a female elf are highly attuned to touch. Quickly and without thinking I grab her arm and force her to face away from me while grinding my pelvis into an ass so perfect an artist couldn't paint it right. She winces in pain as I twist her arm forcing her to take my throbbing cock still inside its leather sheath against her wet snatch still dripping from the ride. I can smell her sweet juices as we connect and that pungent aroma just makes me want her even more.

Her back solidly against my chest, my hand gripping her throat pulling her into me, I lean in and bite her, aggressively, on the neck.

"If you don't be still, my lovely Abail, I will be forced to do something neither of us will regret!" I whisper in her ear.

"I DARE you!" She growls while grinding against my leather coated cock even harder. She moans aloud as her ass slides up and down the front of my leather pants. I can feel her warm moistness even through the leather. "Oh take it out of your pants right here!" she moans as she thrusts her head back allowing me to grab her throat again.

"Not just yet!" I say "I have certain, shall we say . . . preparations made just for you my dear." As I bite her exposed neck once more. When she struggles to get away I simply exert more force on her slender arm. She whimpers, then lets out an evil, almost maniacal laugh.

"Might we just get a bite to eat first?" I tease. Smiling, I take her arm and forcibly escort her onto the cabins front porch.
The porch has old-time lanterns hanging from the ceiling and several banisters I put in for looks. The only modern device on the porch was the card reader used for entry. I had the card reader modified to look like an old fashioned mailbox. My card is built into every jacket I have so all I have to do is wave my arm in front of the mailbox and the door will slide open. There's even a porch swing and two rocking chairs; I placed an old 'Pitt' rifle in between the two chairs. It was the perfect look, the one I wanted, at least to the naked untrained eye. I waved my arm and the door slid into the wall allowing us entry. You would never imagine that the front door would slide into the wall and that lights, previously programmed into the computer would come alive, but only in the right spots. The kitchen lights came on to reveal an old rustic kitchen that had absolutely no sign of technology, with the exception of the refrigerator. The stove was a fire pit and the oven was much like a pizza oven. A light above the couch came on as did the stone fireplace in front of it. That's where I was headed with Abail. As soon as we were inside she tried to abate my grip and slide away from me; I was quicker. Having trained in the elite force of the elven high command, I had a knack for keeping people in line; then as a teacher in the high arts, my skills at keeping my students in line made for a fruitless struggle when anyone tried to escape me. I was one of the most decorated soldiers on the planet, she was not going anywhere! Again, I began leading a whining girl to the couch where she would be comfortable. An Elvin female's sex drive is at its peak during the months of the rift. I know all she can think about is my naked body doing things to hers.

"I will have you NOW!!" She squawked forcefully to me as I smiled and teased her lips with my tongue.

"Not until we have eaten my dear, you know our metabolism reaches a critical state during the months of the rift, and I DON"T want to lose you to starvation my dear. Now sit down and behave!"

It was true, a person could easily starve during this time. The metabolism is so great that it could starve a person within 48 hours.

As I let her go she spun around on me like a cat, using methods I myself have taught her, and before I knew it she had me pinned on the couch, a knife to my throat. I smiled as she straddled me and began slowly cutting the leather tunic I was wearing. To think, she used all that I had taught her with such grace and form, especially in her over hypersexual state, I had to smile, and that just egged her on, even more, to press into me with her body; I was proud of her, catching me off guard as she did. Her pelvis ground into me like an old fashioned pepper grinder. With her knife still at my throat, she bent down to lick my lips. As I said before, I was the best. In the blink of an eye, we were now in the reverse position, her legs still spread apart, however now she was on the bottom, disarmed and shackled to the couch. I moved slowly now, pressing into her bare crotch with my leather coated cock leading the way. I smiled at her, now holding the knife to her chest as she breathed and heaved ever so sensuously. She moved in time with every one of my movements.

"I told you, my dear," as I leaned in to whisper in her ear. "We need nourishment." I stood up, letting the tip of the blade fall slowly between her beautiful breasts, leaving a slight red mark where she was being slowly and lightly carved into causing more ecstasy than pain. In her heightened state of arousal, she managed to wrap her legs around my torso locking me into place. Since we had eaten before we left I knew I could give her at least a "taste." She pulled me a bit harder into her pelvis as my sheathed cock pressed up against her wet pussy. She began grinding up and down into my cock. I held my position while closing my eyes as she ground against me feeling every movement of her pelvis against mine. She felt warm against me as her juices formed a powerful lube against the leather. She pulled against me with her legs as she rode herself almost to orgasm; my hands firmly in place on her inner thighs, I pushed and moved down before she could. I could feel the leather push against my hard cock as I began kissing her warm wet lips. She whimpered slightly as I took my tongue and danced around the outside edges of her flower. She struggled slightly at the chains as my tongue and lips wrapped around her lips and indeed her entire pussy, making several wet, slippery, slurping noises. Her legs began gripping my head like a pair of pliers. When I looked up I could see her face contorted in a mystical expression of pure pleasure. As my tongue continued its assault on her red swollen lips, I felt her powerful leg muscles tense in a fit of passion. She moaned more forcefully than anything I had ever heard coming from her before. Then it happened. Her pussy began pushing against my tongue. Not only did it push against me, but it also got even wetter than it had ever been. Her hips started bucking against my face like she was riding me. I felt her arms tense and pull hard against the soft shackles. I knew she wanted to grab my head as she bucked against me. I heard her growl just before she screamed. Her hips still bucking wildly, I was having trouble staying in position. Her hips jolted into the air and just froze, her pussy pulsing even harder now, she squirted right into my mouth and even up my nose. It tasted great, sweet, a little salty and had an iron taste to it. It was without question by far the tastiest thing I have had in the last eighty years; I had never seen that much fluid come out of her. Finally, she just went limp. Her legs, though still roughly trembling, released me and I was able to sit back and watch her breathing heavily for a moment. Her beautiful Golden eyes closed and her chest was heaving quickly. I ran my fingers over her pleasure spot and she shot up like a dart pulling against her restraints hard enough to almost separate them from the couch. She was still having those after orgasm trembles, and, no doubt, a little sensitive as well.

"Stop Baby," I whispered into her ear, causing her to relax a little. She was akin to a rag doll lying limp on the couch, twitching every other second or so. I stood and watched her breathe for almost two minutes. I love watching my girl, her breasts moving rhythmically up and down, the veins in her neck still pulsing with life. I love the look on her face, that tender smile as she lay, completely satisfied. I can't question her, I can see the satisfaction in her entire body.

I walked into the kitchen knowing full well, I needed to get some food into her. Females are less likely to pass on, even though their climaxes seem to be so much more powerful than the males. She begged me to disrobe and take me into her mouth. I knew full well what she wanted, exactly what she wanted. I had been trained and taught to wait for the first few hours to pass. But to hear her beg and plead to have my cock in her mouth was a tough fight to battle, almost as tough as I have had to face on a real battlefield, tougher now in fact. She made me want to explode right then and there. I walked up behind her on the couch where her hand could reach my throbbing cock. She rubbed it and tried to get her hand inside my slippery leather pants. It felt like magic as she stroked me slowly. She knew that I liked it slower rather than fast, I could enjoy it so much more. As my temperature began to rise and my heart rate accelerated, I knew it was time to back away, but it was so hard. As I backed away she moaned disappointedly.

I had prepared some elk jerky, berry sauce, and some various cheeses for the beginning days, knowing there would be less time to eat. It was quick and protein rich. The way I make it, it also has the fats we need to survive. I also have quite a large stash of hydrating liquids for this occasion.

After a meal, she will fall into sleep quickly and for several hours. It was extremely difficult to abstain. It seemed so much more difficult now, watching her sweaty body heave up and down with her chest moving up and down within the rhythm of her excitement. It had never seemed this difficult before. But I knew I had to wait. For it was up to me to stop myself. After all, I was the most disciplined, decorated Elf in the High Command. Death was not a wanted feeling at this moment in my life.

I fed my lovely Abail some of the jerky and sauce. She was more like a rabid animal at this point, snapping and trying to bite me trying to get me to play with her once more. Her chest moved up and down in a kind of sensual rapid motion. Most untrained younger elves tend to give in to this erotically enhanced state at the very beginning. This tends to lead to more deaths than anything with the younger ones. I knew that I had to wait, she was ready NOW, even though she was slipping into unconsciousness. I had slipped a little sedative into her food as I hand fed it to her.

She is now almost catatonic. This is good. She will undoubtedly sleep for the next several hours, leaving me with no temptation whatsoever. We will have then passed the most dangerous time of the rift, which leads me to wonder which of my friends have passed on in the heat of pleasure. Leaving their women unattended. Scavengers are rampant during this time. Scavengers are men without a mate. And still, I wonder which one of my friends was sipping wine and weeping over a loved one. Many of my friends aren't strong enough to handle this, for most of them are younger than I.

I go out to our deck and crack open a beer. Looking into the living room, I see her in all her glory breathing rapidly and I admit it, I watched her body moving up and down in a rhythmic sensual movement and twitching on occasion. I sipped my beer slowly. I watched the stars in the skies, I even saw things that were not of our world. I see those all the time. These I leave alone. But the moons, it takes eight months for them to finish their cycle. One orbits under the other at a faster pace. During the middle of the time of the rift, it becomes the most spectacular eclipse said to be seen in the galaxy. It seems none of us appreciate the event, as we're all too busy fucking one another. I set the camera up on the deck and check the calibrations. This time I will be able to see it no matter what happens. If I'm busy, then so be it, I will still see it. It is said to have some kind of magical effect if you look at it while it is happening. I hope to have her well passed out by that time, but we have a couple of months before that happens, after all, this is only the first day.

I take this opportunity to run downstairs to the dungeon to finish up the preparations I have made. I double checked all the shackles I have placed on the leather padded "t" table. Unlocking the cabinet to make sure that my pain sticks were fully functional and cleaned up for their first usage ever.

We have never engaged in this type of activity, at least not yet. We have never even discussed it more than just a passing word. Waiting almost 40 years, this sends my nerves reeling.

Quietly I unlatch the shackles, I carry her down the stairs, lay her down, and gently pull off her leather chaps. She moans as I know she will rest for the next few hours. After I finish I stand back and just chuckle quietly to myself. I would have never thought in a thousand years, that I would be bringing a woman down into a dungeon.
I remember the real dungeons; the ones with nasty creatures in them, the ones I used to explore with my friends. The ones that threaten our very lives. Those were nothing like this. This has the same look, but the feel is much more erotic. Shaking off the evil feeling I get when confronted by my memories, I go upstairs to the fridge and grab another beer. After my shower, I just rested until she awakened. My thoughts drifted to the days of battling desperate Gods and horrific creatures. I almost felt bad leaving her down there, knowing what's in my own head. I knew no harm would befall her.


"What the hell!" Came her groggy retort, as she tugged on the restraints that had her back pinned to the table. Her feet tied together to the bottom and her arms were spread out, away from her body and tied to each end. She was completely immobile, but she looked so very comfortable as she slept.

"I trust you slept well my dear?" I asked politely, as I gently ran the cat-o-nine tails around her body as I slowly walked around her. Abail's face and body reacted to the soft leather that was slowly sliding across her body. She twitched and gasped as it slid in between her legs. Her face lit up, exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

The room was dark, by design of course. The walls held some old fashioned sconces that lit the room in an orange glow. Her skin glistened off of this orange glow, the warming oil I had applied to her body just seconds old. I had put on my own leather chaps, she loves those, with my leather vest. Slapping her hard on the stomach with my cat-o-nine tails she whimpered and just about cried out. Her back arched and I could see that small smile telling me that it was good. The glistening on her skin, may not have even come from the oil, with the humidity and the heat coming from her, the oil may not have even been necessary. I slapped her tits and she screamed again, almost having a violent orgasm right there.

"I want you to tell me 'red light' if the pain becomes too much or I go too far with something," I tell her and as I stop striking her. I wonder if her hormones won't let her tell me. I won't let it go that far. I could never hurt my Abail. "I want you to tell me you understand."

"Yes . . . yes, I understand. Now hurt me please." She pleads with him, accentuating the word, please. "I didn't know it would feel this good babe."

He slapped her again on the torso and she whimpered loudly, as I whipped her several more times; it looked to me that she was about to cum from just the pain. Her face was lit up, her smile was intense. Her body was taught and ready to explode at any second, It had to be the hypersexuality that comes with the rift. I decided to bring her to the brink and then stop. I was creating a red spot on her torso, every once in a while slapping her tits, leaving slight red marks on those as well. Her heaving breasts and her yells got louder and louder. I could see her ready to go off.

"Don't even think it!" I yelled. "Not until I say it's okay! Do you understand? Nod your head." I said with authority. She nods her head in agreement. Teasing her would be such a pleasure, and he knew that her orgasm would be so overwhelmingly stronger that she may even pass out from it. And after all, isn't that what a good lover strives to do for their partner?

Picking up one of the pain sticks from the rack, I walk slowly all around her body letting the pain stick drag along its way. I lift it up, turn it on to its lowest setting and snap her nipple as she moans in an orgasmic way, her back arches up giving away her pleasure. I lean over and tease her lips with my tongue. She tries to kiss back and I slap her across the face, leaving a red print on her cheek. I snap her other nipple with the pain stick and reach down to grab my ball gag and put that on her, as well as a head strap and blindfold. Her hands clenched and her arms become taught as she tries to break free of her restraints.

"You don't like being gagged and blindfolded, do you little one?" She tries once again to jerk her way out of the restraints to no avail. "Is it too far?" I ask making sure that I'm not going too far for her. "I won't hurt you, you know that. Who knows it could actually be fun. I won't use the ball gag so you can tell me if I've gone too far. Is that acceptable to you?"

She looks at me for a minute. "It's okay." Nodding in approval.

Sliding the pain stick from her nipple to her navel so sensitively, so seductively, so sensually, then snapping her pelvic mound, just above the clitoris. Hitting so close to the mark she begins almost shaking in anticipatory fear of where my stick will find its way next. Not being able to see will make her other senses become more vigilant.

Reaching underneath the legs, I unlock the "T" part of the table. Slowly, I spread her legs to have better access to her wanting pussy. Then I slide the pain stick up around her inner thighs. I snap the inside of her right thigh, then her left, her thighs shook and she pulled hard on the restraints as if she wanted to get away, she did that with both legs. Her moans now turned into small yelps of pain. I spread her a little more to lock the table into place.

Putting the pain stick down and once again picking up the cat-o-nine tails. "You opened your legs for me so easily," I whispered in her ear with a chuckle before I licked it and nibbled on her lobes, even this made her back arch in pleasure. As I licked her lobes, I made sure to slap her dripping wet pussy with the cat-o-nine tails softly, she moaned in orgasmic pleasure. Still whispering in her ear, "not until I say, my love." All she could do was moan and squirm.

These tables were made for fantasy, this room was made for her fantasies as well as mine. And my fantasies included fucking her with something bigger than myself because she already knows how I feel. I always wanted something more for her when the time of the rift wasn't here, this may be it. I managed to find a toy that was bigger than myself.

On this world people got used to not being able to fully release their sexual tensions, they made due with what they could get. He wasn't small by any comparison, he just knew that every woman wished for something bigger at some time. So I will satisfy that fantasy tonight, and with her blindfolded, she will never even know it's coming. A smile crosses my face at that thought.

I reached into the cabinet while letting her cool down for a bit. I pulled out a vibrator that was ten inches long and three inches wide. I'm not superman. I turned it on and let the vibrations touch her skin below her cheek, she shivered and smiled. I slid it down her body, grazing each of her nipples lightly. With the pain stick in my other hand, I snapped each nipple just after the vibrations left her nipples. She moaned and arched her back with heavy breathing for me. I slid that thing up and down the inside of each of her thighs before letting it rest calmly on her clitoris. She began to quake and shiver. Again I had to lean over to her ear.

"You don't listen very well do you, honey," I said not yet! I'm not through with you yet! If you do wait until I say, then I may even let you come again, just for your pleasure." I moved the monstrous toy away from her to allow her to relax a bit. When her breathing slowed I turned off the immense vibrator and started rubbing it up and down her extremely wet pussy lubing it up and readying it for insertion.

"You must promise you won't come for me unless you ask, can you do that?" She shook her head yes.

"I want to hear it, say it!" I also let the vibrator drop to her clit to make it just a little harder to speak. Teasing her is so much fun. So I awaited her response. After much breathing and struggle, she managed the word.


I slowly moved the beast around her vagina without the vibration. She was still blindfolded so this was the ultimate sensory deprivation. When I heard the slurping and wet noises from her pussy, I began to push inside her, so slowly. She moaned and arched her back immediately. I pulled back and then slowly pushed forward again, knowing that she has never had anything quite so large before. I had learned tonight that a little pain with her was a solid way to orgasm, so I thought to push that envelope a bit and control her as well.

"Do not cum!" I said loudly.

"PLEASE!" She screamed.

"No! I'm not through with you yet, wait until I tell you it's okay." I stopped trying to push it in and started sliding it around her shapely legs to let her cool down a bit and let that orgasmic wave slowly slip away before it could finally happen. After a few more minutes of teasing her, I was able to start playing with her again.

I finally managed to get that thing inside her without making her cum immediately. I even pumped her slowly with it. The veins were more pronounced than a real cock. In her state, all she could do was feel. Which is exactly what I wanted. Tonight was fully about her, I figure I'll get mine later, as it is, males are FAR more likely to die in the beginning of the time of the rift than women. After the first couple of days, it is almost improbable that anyone will die. So I could afford to wait and make it her night, ALL, about her. Even still, my cock was dripping with pre-cum, I could feel it all over my balls. The drippings are cold now so my sack has shrunken and my balls are almost all the way inside me. My cock hurts so badly from being hard this whole time. I desperately wanted to cum, but I knew and had made it all about her, and she was in no position to fight about it.

I turned on the vibration on its lowest setting and she immediately arched her back and started convulsing. Her moans were almost definitely deafening. She screamed as her entire body tensed like never before.

"PLEASE!" Came her desperate plea. I turned up the vibrator and began pumping a bit, she held it in, and I was thoroughly surprised.

"You may cum," I whispered softly in her ear as I kept pumping.

She wiggled and started pumping her hips, her screams were almost deafening. Did I break her? She seemed to be pumping that fake cock all on her own, all I had to do was hold it in place, and even that was hard to do. I suddenly heard a snap as she broke one of the shackles but only to grab one of her nipples. She was feeling herself with her free hand and playing with her nipple. And still, at times she slammed her hand into the bedding as hard as she could, her orgasm being so extreme. Then she fell limp but shivering. Her pelvis still thrusting and her whole body just shivering. I began to slowly remove that monster from her still soaking wet pussy. She twitched, shivered and moaned profusely, so I pulled it out faster, she moaned a lot louder but fell limp after that. Her body just lay there and twitched as she did before.
I almost felt bad, but I knew that was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. I had made her completely pass out. I removed her blindfold, it was soaked, as if she had been crying, this was not sweat, which glistened from every pore of her body. I derived that these were tears of pleasure. I unshackled her and brought her upstairs to gently lay her down in bed, making sure to cover her as she was still shivering. It took all I had not to take her right then and there, unconscious or not; the rift will make you do desperate things. I went downstairs to start on my own midnight snack as I was famished.

I was excited beyond belief from all the stimulation we had just had. So I took hold of my cock and began to stroke it, and shivered. That shiver reminded me once more that I could surely die if I'm not careful. I grunted and let it go, for now.

I step outside on the deck overlooking the ocean. Clouds rolling in slowly covering the two moons now overhead. The time has passed and it is now safer to join with my Abail. Her sex drive will have passed slightly when she awakes. We have seen three weeks together so far. It is but a pin drop in an ocean of our lifespans. I personally know of several couples who have seen two hundred cycles pass and they are still young. I begin thinking fondly of Ray and Jazelle. Ray was the one who taught me to feed a woman as the cycle strikes, it allows for the sedation of the woman through the deadliest part of the months. He also taught me what it was to love. He was truly my mentor in life and love.

"Honey?" She sounded almost normal; her sensual voice was just as it had been for seventeen years.

I stood there drinking a beer at the banister overlooking the moonlit ocean, waiting for her to come to me. Standing in silence I allowed her to come up behind me sliding her hands around my torso. The touch I know so well. Her chin resting on my shoulder, her long brown hair flowing over me.

"Are we going to make love tonight or shall we wait until morning?" Her soft alluring, almost desperate voice rang out in my ears like a symphony of candles lit all at once at the start of sunset. She never even loosened her grip around me as I turned to face her. I stared into her wanting eyes of gold. I ran a hand through her dark brown moist hair; I could feel the trembling in her body. She was fighting her urges.

"My love?" I replied never looking away. "I make love to you, every time I look at you." She nuzzled her head into my chest and squeezed even tighter. She was so much more docile tonight than I have seen her so far. Maybe it was the fact that it had been seventeen years with no one but me, maybe it was the fact that she knew she would never need another, whatever the reason, her touch held more love than any I have ever experienced before, or ever will again.

We both turned to face the ocean. We watched as the moons move slowly over the ocean. We hold each other close. I led her to the lounge chair I had intentionally left out there tonight. The air was still and the temperature was just a little warm, too warm for clothes, that is. She was still in her leather for sure, but she seemed a bit too docile for that now, it just didn't feel right.

We get in our moods now, sometimes it's leather and sometimes it's lace, though I didn't expect the mood to change so rapidly this time, maybe it's the rift's doing. Maybe she is just now realizing what a child would do for us, and what a turn on it is for me to see her in leathers. We can't join without a child, it's our law, so I'm quite sure she has something planned for tonight.

At this point, she opted for a shower. The tease. After all the hormones furiously flowing through her body, a shower just seemed like a good plan. She loved taking a shower at my place; I have the old fashioned shower that uses soap and water. The new technology is a scanning device that looks over your body and pulls off dirt and bacteria in such a way where you don't feel a thing. She likes the old fashioned hot water, and to be honest, so do I, it just feels better.

I sat down on the lounge chair waiting for her to get back, expecting to have sex right here on the deck. I know my Abail. I heard the shower sending pulsing water down my woman's body. I had taken a shower already. I could picture the water pouring of her slender body and I started to get hard, all it takes is a thought.

The night was perfect; the air was warm and moist. There were just enough clouds in the sky to paint a picture. Sometimes the clouds would cast a shadow over the land as it passed in front of one of the moons. It was absolutely amazing to watch. Like a moving piece of art. Abail sat down next to me on the lounge chair; a wicked grin on her face.

We began touching each other slowly, I caressed her face softly. I was sitting on the lounge chair and she was on my lap. We were both completely comfortable, her in her robe and me in pants and a shirt. I teased her lips with mine as my fingers traced the curves of her legs. She was cold to the touch, she needed to be warmed up, I played with her lips now with the tip of my tongue, she took it into her mouth and we entangled our tongues together. Her hand ran down my chest slowly. She felt what seemed like every muscle I had through my white t-shirt. She continued to play with my tongue as her hand found me hard and ready.

Unbuckling my pants with one hand, and never letting go of my tongue, she slid her hand down my pants. I felt her chilled hand wrap itself around me. She grabbed me and held me. I felt her cool skin against my hot and ready skin. She began slowly moving her hand up and down. Her other hand pushed me up against the back of the seat and pulled my t-shirt off. She lightly nibbled on my sensitive ear and gradually began sliding her tongue down my neck and chest kissing and biting all the way down, causing electrical pangs all throughout my body. All the while lightly sliding her fist up and down my now completely wet, hard cock. She ripped my pants down and knelt in between my legs, rubbing the insides of my thighs as she parted them. She looked up at me and smiled as she slowly slid my hard cock deep down her throat. I couldn't help but close my eyes as I felt her warm wet mouth over the head of my cock; sliding up and down slowly. She had an incredibly warm mouth and every time she took me out of her mouth the air felt chilly against my skin. She enjoyed this more than most everyone I have ever met. I looked down to see her eyes meet mine; I could now feel her smile, as she began tonguing the tip of my cock. I could feel her warm and wet tongue go up one side of my shaft and down the other. She would kiss me softly in certain places and then the tip of my cock. All the while she was fondling my balls like a pair of Ben-Wah balls. It felt so surreal, so smooth, so slow, so wet. A sense of urgency began building in my chest.

The sucking felt so intense, I could feel my skin pull farther into her mouth. It felt powerful. She really did have all the control here. She made a popping sound coming off my cock and then running her tongue down the length of my shaft to my balls. She sucked one of them into her mouth and started playfully tonguing it. Another popping sound was made as the suction on my nut suddenly stopped. Releasing it from her mouth caused a tiny bit of pain along with the immense pleasure that it created. She licked my other ball, teasing it and smiling at me as I looked into her loving, lustful eyes. Then while she licked the length of my shaft to the top, she, once again started playing with my balls, squeezing slightly and rolling them around in her hand.

By now my muscles have been tense for a little while and I was beginning to sweat a bit. Her hands stroking my inner thighs as her mouth, wrapped around me like a rubber band, started to bob up and down at a steady slow pace. I could feel her soft lips move up and down, she played on every little bump and vein. As she moved up and down repetitiously, I could feel my body starting to heat up and tense up massively. I looked down to meet her eyes and then closed my eyes again.

"Look down at me my love, I want you to see me suck you off, and I love watching your face as I make you cum." She said immediately going down on me again.

I could hardly keep my eyes open while she slowed her sucking as I got closer to finishing. She took me into her mouth slowly, twisting her head and using her tongue relentlessly. My balls began to twist inside me. She now removed her hands completely from my body. Looking up at me intently She felt my cock begin to swell up and get bigger in her mouth. That burning feeling started to rise up like a volcano before it explodes. The pressure built, I took one last breath before I had to try to keep it all in. With a giant groan, I released myself down her waiting throat. I don't care if she wanted me to see her make me cum, at that moment, my eyes were shut tight as I strained to keep it all in. I opened my eyes to see her looking directly at me with my cock still fully inside her mouth. I saw as she started swallowing, she was gulping as I continued to pump my load down her throat. My hips still thrashing, she had to put her hands on my pelvis to keep me still so she didn't allow me to slip out of her mouth.

When I was done and spent, she looked back up at me with another big gulp and simply smiled. She has the most wonderful smile after I cum. My body, completely limp, was now being softly caressed as my Abail slowly moved her body to my side on the lounge chair. She finally came to rest with her head on my chest and her arm around me. I swear she was purring like a happy little kitten.

"I do so love you, you know," I told her. She squeezed me hard and looked up into my eyes with a loving smile. Then she brought one finger to my lips as if to say, 'no more words'. Holding each other tight, both of us satisfied, and staring into the sunset on the horizon, we fell asleep in the moonlight.

Fantasy on the Horizon

Written by
Martin L. Racay

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