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Setting, Characters, and very brief story description

Alnwick Manor, a bed and breakfast in the blue Ridge mountain area of the Virginial wine country, is part of the family estate that includes Roscairn Vineyard and Winery. Originally homesteaded after the end of the American Revolutionary War, the main house has been remodeled many times over the course of two centuries. Some of the old buildings on the estate now are from after 1865, the original house lost to fire and rebuilt after the Civil War. The family estate also includes a working sheep ranch. That enterprise was added to the family estate after the marriage of Jason Karlson and Anne Redmond. Situated in the Shenandoah River Valley, the estate is enjoys vistas of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains.


Tyler James Karlson, orphaned grandson of Jason and Anne, is soon to be a junior in college. He is a quiet, thoughtful young man given to overthinking situations on occasion. People tend to be surprised that despite his reserved demeanor, he harbors a quick wit and a great sense of humor. He wants to make his mark on the world and repay the debt he feels that he owes his grandparents.

Other characters: Jason Alnwick Karlson, grandfather
Anne Redmond-Karlson, grandmother
Andrew Lyall, manager of the sheep ranch
Catriona Lyall, daughter of Andrew, owner of The Blue Ewe, a yarn shop
Duncan Alastair Blackburn, family solicitor and longtime friend of Jason


Pursuing a degree in History with the aim of teaching, and minoring in Hospitality Management, Tyler is faced with a big decision now that his grandfather has suffered a heart attack. History always fascinated him, especially because of the area he grew up in. He also loved the work at the bed and breakfast in his summers off from school. It was only in the past year or so that he started taking an interest in the Winery portion of the business. He knew he owed a great debt to his grandparents and he thought he had a way to make the best of all worlds work for him.


His age and lack of experience as a business owner will give him pause.
How in the world will he balance the business and keeping his promise to his grandfather to find the missing family heirloom.
Another owner/operator of a competing winery business is out to try and take over Roscairn and Tyler and the family are very suspicious of the motives behind such a move. This guy is not a very reputable person and that coupled with the fact that some of his employees have been seen snooping around that family estate have raised alarm bells. Tyler and Duncan suspect this guy is after more than the family vines.


Arlen Bishop, owner of The Mitre and Crook Winery. He plans on taking advantage of Tyler's relative inexperience to get his hands on the winery portion of the estate. But Arlen is aware of the old rumors surrounding the Karlson family money, and he wants to be the one to find that rumored lost family heirloom.


History, wines and mysteries - a young man must figure out to use the first two items to put his inheritance, Alnwick Manor, on the map while keeping a promise to his deceased grandfather and find a missing family heirloom.
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