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by jully
Rated: E · Sample · Action/Adventure · #2170916
A tiny bit darker than my other ones so far! Still tell me if you like it!!
Someone came when you guys were sleeping and he took you, when he took you, you started to scream. Sid woke up to see only the papers flying all over where you had been working.
"Crap!" Sid said as he went over to Zac who had passed out while working.
"What" Zac said sleepily as Sid woke him up.
"She's gone something took her!" Sid said
"What! How could you let this happen Sid!!!" Zac yelled as he sprung up and grabbed his jacket.
Sid slid on his jacket as he and Zac got into the car not knowing where to go and started driving in one direction.
When you woke up you were tied to a chair as the man came in front of you and asked you how you knew the brothers and you told him the truth but he didn't believe you so the man stabbed you in the heart killing you.
He then disappeared only to come back seconds later with the brothers. When they saw you they dropped their gear and Zac ran to you seeing if you were alive as he turned to Sid and shook his head no.
"Cas what happened!" Sid yelled at the man
"I killed her!" He said back
"Bring her back!" Zac yelled at Cas
"Why she is going to hurt you." Cas said very confused
"No she wasn't she is our friend!" Sid yelled at him
"I'm sorry." Cas said as he walked over to you and put his hand on your head. Your eyes sprung open.
Once you stood up the man came to you. You started to run away but your legs gave up on you and you fell to the ground you got up and he was right in front of you. You kicked him in face your shoe cut him. The cut had vanished in seconds. Once your legs were better you ran away only to be stopped by Zac holding you back he turned you around to look at the man.
"Um Y/N this is Cas an angel. Cas this is Y/N." Sid said
"Hello I'm very sorry for killing you." Cas said awkwardly.
You stayed quiet not knowing what to say. You guys left and went to sleep back at the hotel.

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