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A little bit of nonsense about finding jealousy in the oddest of places.
Strangely Jealous

I feel the strangest jealousy,
For a life so fleeting.
But the purpose is so pure…

You only know one thing,
A brief time for living,
And you’ll never know more.

Only a surface,
No time for thinking,
Just instinct to the core.

We can cry out: Pests!
That’s the easy thing.
But you could never tell lies.

When I reflect on the past,
When I think what the future brings…
You’ll never need to ask: Why?

A purpose so basic,
Not a peasant, not a king.
No need for my hapless little rhymes.

Of course, I’m a ‘higher’ being.
I can dance and I can sing.
And you’re just a fruit fly.

I’ll be honest, since I came back onto this site, I’ve been jotting down the most random ideas for poems and stories. They’re not necessarily all great, but it’s fun to try and make something of them. One of them was to write something about feeling jealous of the life of a fruit fly. I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s just nice to try and write something new as often as I can.

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