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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2171013
We have landed on Mars! What we find could explain the origins of the human race...

Return From Mars Adam.R.Crump

Return From Mars - Part 1

Prologue: Hope is Lost!

...begin transmission...

"Quiet. Serene. Dark. This is our home; the cold lifeless void we call space. At the heart of the solar system is our sun. A beacon that guides us and gives us hope; hope for mankind, hope for the future, and hope that everything will be okay. But what happens when that light goes out? What happens when hope is lost, and fear takes hold?

If you are listening right now, I give you a warning! For centuries the human race has asked the question; are we alone in this universe? Is there life beyond what our tiny planet has created?

Once, we thought a lot about those questions.

Once, we thought we were ready to find out the answers.

Once, we thought that it would be nice to know that we were not alone.

But now that I know we are not; I think we thought wrong!


This may seem like a strange question, but have you ever felt like you were the cause of some great calamity, one that could be devastating to just about everyone...but what am I saying; of course you haven't. Not that it matters now, none of it matters. All that matters now is hope...

...I have that feeling. You know the one, where the anxiety feels like it's about to flood your very being, that you are about to lose control and panic is about to jump into the driver's seat. I have had a lot to think about in the last three days, but I have come to a conclusion. I have been chosen; I am the personification of the Apocalypse, the harbinger of death. My name is James Celtigar, and I am responsible for the genocide of the human race. This confession may shock you, but before you pass judgement, listen to my story...

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