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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2171015
We have landed on Mars! What we find could explain the origins of the human race...

Return From Mars Adam.R.Crump

Return From Mars - Part 2

A Day to Remember

This information was once classified above Top Secret; but now there may be no one left to view it. The only thing left to share is the truth.

On February 18th 2057 humans took their first steps on Mars, an amazing achievement in its own right. We have waited thousands of years to set foot on another planet and on this day we finally achieved what was once thought to be impossible. Four astronauts went to Mars, and four astronauts came back...however something happened. What went wrong on that mission? I can tell you, but you may have some questions.

Who am I? And what right do I have to speak of lost hope. I work for the Space Colonisation Company 'Atlas'. We were the company that colonised the moon. You know the ads on T.V - 'Atlas. Working to create our future, together.' We started off small, with a solitary moon base. Then came the discovery of a lifetime; Energium (pronounced e-ner-g-um) found beneath the Moon's crust, a metal previously unknown to humans.

Energium had ten times the strength of titanium; a metal easy to shape, resistant to corrosion and radiation, and it was as light as aluminium. It made 'Atlas' rich beyond all comparison. We now have a full time mining facility here, with a tourism company running 'moon adventures.' But I am neither a miner nor a tourism operator. My job for the company was much more important.

Five years ago I was given the challenge of my young working life and I took to it with relish. I was given all the resources that I needed and was told to get the human race to Mars in five years. I did it in four years, three hundred and sixty one days.

It was the experience of a lifetime, a day to remember, but now it has become my worst nightmare.

'Today, the 18th February 2057 is a day that will be etched into human history forever. Today will be a day astronomers and historians will mark as one where we changed the history of mankind forever. We have received confirmation that astronauts Abigail Price, Josh Trenton, Chris Bertrand and Dylan Augustine have successfully landed on Mars.'

These words, immortalised in papers, news channels and across the internet were ones that I myself had written. Words that were meant to give hope, to shine a light on the achievements of the human race, but which I now feel have led to the events we now face, the possible extinction of that very race.


February the 18th, a day that had brought the world together like no one person or nation could. A day that will now live in infamy!

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