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A story of my first wedgie
So i was at the mall with my friend when we finished shopping we whent home after about 2 or so hours my friend whose name is Samantha so she asked me if i knew what's a wedgie was only seeing what one is but never knowing what it was so I said no then she said turn around I did as she asked and then felt my panties Rocket up my two mountains of but cheeks the pain was unbearable and it couldn't take anymore so I tried turning away it resulted in me and getting worse wedgie my friends let go after a small bit and said now your turn to wedgie me and she turned around I already had an evil smile on my face planned to give her a frontal wedgie story turned her around stuck my hands into her pants grabbed her undergarments I could tell she was clenching her teeth in anticipation a a pulled slowly to see what she was wearing she was wearing White undergarments with butterflies on it and a frilly pink waist band I giggled a little bit when I saw it but considering that I had on a White pair with on it with a pink frilly waistband I couldn't really giggle all that much I quickly turned around again though to give a normal wedgie resulted in her moaning in pain I spotted a hook and decided to hang her there but when I got close she started saying "no no no please" so I spared her when I Let Go of the waist band she was relieved and started to pick her wedgie but actually shows them taking a quickly yanked it up her ass again and said don't pick it out this time otherwise I will give you a bra connection she didn't take it out until I said she could when when I said she could pick it there was a small site of relief for her face she then turned me around pain in my ass need me Yell a small bit she's been turned me around again to give me a brutal frontal wedgie she then grabbed the back of my panties I didn't realize what she was going to do until it was too late she hooked the back of my panties to the hook just so you know the hook was 2 feet off the ground for me anyway she had some trouble hooking her on so she got a stool for me to stand on I refused to move for a short time then she slapped my ass then I quickly got on not wanting it spanking she then hooked my panties to the hook and quickly got rid of the stool after an hour or so she let me down by then my feet were perfectly touching the ground so my panties were like a parachute she had one more idea and I saw it on her face she grabbed my freakishly large panties and give me an atomic wedgie but she continued driving it over around my face three time. She then took out my atomic wedgie and give me a frontal atomic wedgie I was crying like a baby when that happened and she realized what she had done she had felt horrible and I saw it on her face she's then offered for me to spank her me being angry and humiliated accepted the offer I looked around my room for something to spank her with and soon found a hair brush I then told her to get over my lap I pulled her jeans down to her ankles but I let her keep her panties on for a small layer of protection I said that she was going to get 50 with the hairbrush 20 with the hand and 30 with a spoon I found in the kitchen that leads up to 100 spanks crack smack crack smack crack smack aahhh smack crack smack smack after I was done with the hair brush I proceeded to do the hand next slap smack smack slap slap smack her ass was already a deep red color when I was done with the hairbrush it looks now a small bit purple I decided to only do 10 with The Wooden spoon smack crack smack smack crack slap slap crack smack smack when I was done she was balling I proceeded to leave her on the bed and get her an ice pack for her beaten ass when she recovered from her balling session she asked if I was okay I said yes I proceeded to ask if she was okay she said besides a sore ass she was fine we then proceeded to watch TV for until we fell asleep the next we went shopping again this time instead of food and groceries we went straight to the panties section
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