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A small snippet of a book I'm working on
“Are you sure, Imani? No one can figure this out? Are your Sorcerers completely useless? It’s a book.”

“They’re not useless, Tynan. They just specialize in Holy Magic, not Curses. You know this. And we do have one clue, kind-of.”

“Kind-of?! How can one only have a kind-of clue, Imani?” She growled.

“Well, the last person to touch the Book just…stopped. Completely. They dropped to the floor and looked like they were dead. It took us a while to even make sure they still had a pulse. But they won’t eat or sleep. They just stare at the Book. It’s a little creepy, honestly” Imani shivered, remembering the image. “And our Sorcerers think they know what happened. They just can’t figure out how it happened. It’s why they think there’s an advanced curse on the Book.”
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