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"I remember" poem about a girl in a car accident. (no I was not in an accident.)
I remember waiting for something to happen.
I remember feeling the need to say something to her.
I remember hearing the car tires screeching.
I remember seeing the broken glass being shattered into a thousand pieces.
I remember the everlasting screams.
I remember thinking, is this what the end feels like?
I remember the flashing of my best days going through my mind.
I remember waking up, noticing she’s not there, nobody’s here, but HE’S here.
I remember feeling his hands touch mine.
I remember seeing the light from the head lamp.
I remember noticing that everything’s going to be okay.
I remember realizing, I’m okay because of HIM.
Some things I may forget, but when it comes to my life, there are many things that I remember.
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