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by K.HBey
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2171196
A suspect pressure is received from the Cairo museum.
In such 1st April 2008 at midnight the alarm is heard at the museum of Cairo. Polices,the security staff and authorities come to check the place. In spite of the stopping of the camera record oversight number five, all is all right . There is no infringement and all the precious objects are safe.
One week later the Cairo museum headmaster receives a pressure letter via internet where it is required 1000 bitcoin.He is astonished and make the authorities aware about the fact. However all think it is a letter from a good laugh in face book group.

Ten days after an archeological researcher starts to do researches about Merneptah mummy. Indeed he wants to check the hypothesis that Merneptah died from drowning.The systematic test at carbon fourteen is done. The test is positive at the superficial side of the mummy and suits the time epoch but inside the mummy the test is negative and reveals a recent time epoch of the corps. Something seems wrong. The test has been repeated for several time and the same results are found.

The researcher continues the screening of any other abnormalities with such mummy. He found that the right index has disappeared. He decide to do X rays exam to such mummy. Then flagrant differences are noticed. The researcher and with a group of others conclude that this is not Merneptah mummy.

Then the authorities put links between facts. They conclude that antiquity criminals smuggled the authentic mummy such 1st April 2008. Nevertheless they realize that there is a certain complicity with someone who knows the museum perfectly.

Investigations are done. The polices with the collaboration of both the security and authorities put a strategy in order to catch such criminals.
At the airport all antiquity objects are screened but nothing is found. The chef of the customs and when doing a scan to a coffin he notices that the corps is in fact a mummy. "The funeral" company which transferes died persons in Egypt to their countries, is arrested . The criminals are finally found.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2171196-Cairo-museum-is-in-alert