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Jon Bellion. His music he writes has lead him to many amazing things. Including her.
My head spins, I've been sipping
I've been sipping, I've been sipping lately.

He had just sobered up (hah AJR where you at??!!). His mind less foggy. Tonight was one of those nights where he decided that drinking would be fine. But when he looked further into the crowd, her face was what cleared his mind. 'It's been an hour into the concert. How come I'm just noticing her now?'he asked himself. Tonight he decided that instead of getting even more drunk, he would try and stay sober. He decided that tonight he would trip over his feet as he walked towards the merchandise table. After the concert he alerted them that he would be waiting by the table for a small meet and greet. Maybe she wouldn't go but it was worth a try. As he walked over to the table his hands started sweating. 'What if she doesn't show up?' he shook his head.

As he waited, many fans happily greeted him with enthusiastic smiles. Some were pretty(not as pretty as the brown haired girl he noticed in the crowd) some crazy and some down to earth. Just as he was about to give up hope and walk off, there she was standing in front of him,holding a CD of The Human Condition and one of The Separation. He breathed out a big sigh, brushing his hands against his jeans. "Hi. I'- I'm Jon." "Lane" wow. 'LaneLaneLaneLaneLane' he repeated it on his tongue silently. He liked it. Not just the feeling of it rolling off of his tongue but the taste the name left. "Nice to meet you" he said. "Do you want me to sign something at all? Or take a picture?" she nodded, handing me the two CDs and grabbing her phone out her pocket and going to the camera. After signing them I set them down and and she stepped next to me. I told her to hand her phone to one of the guards to take a photo. "Here. Let me see it real fast" I said gently taking the phone from her hands. I went to contacts and added my phone number while taking a quick photo. I waved to her as she walked away. When suddenly she stopped and looked back at me and smiled while blushing and quickly waved and speed walked out of the doors.
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