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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Chapter · Educational · #2171252
the kingdom of diamond has been invaded by witches and it becomes just darkness
Once upon a time the kingdom of diamonds is invaded by witches. The great castle had been built first by the queen Debora. She was an hybrid issued from a mixed marriage a witch and a human.That is why witches think that diamond kingdom is theirs. However Debora got dominant genes of a human being. Debora was a beautiful woman. She was slender , brown with dark black hair and green eyes. Smart , she succeeded to lead the reign of the kingdom of diamonds in full both peace and prosperity. Debora was in love with a human being. She got married to the king Charlie. In such 31st October, thirty years ago, Debora gave birth to Emerald. Debora died at the age of forty five by a strange disease. Such kind of disease can be developed only on witch specie.

The great castle which had got a medieval architecture style, was partially destroyed.
From the right tower which was completely demolished; an amazing overview of the Diamond region was reachable.
The queen Debora used to be there at both rise and sun set, living mystical moments. It was a magical panoramic view.
The great court yard was also destroyed from the south side which gave access to an immense garden.
From such garden remain cedar trees.There were many kinds of exotic plants. Roses and cedar trees were the most important plants there. A mix of different perfumes was smelt especially in spring. Such garden still keeps memories of the love of both queens Debora and Emerald.
The roofs of the castle were made of diamond which were brightening when the sun was shinning. Today just murk muffles the area.
As just some ruins preserve a certain castle shape.

The diamonds country is immense and has got many diamond quarries. The queen and king Emerald and Louis become just slaves to witches. As the entire human population is slave too; they extract diamond but just witches get profit.
The healer Mr. Smith is eighty years old. He has written all the history of diamond kingdom. His frail memory though bears many secrets about it.

In such autumnal day of October where leaves fall one by one after showing their full beauty colors; Mr. Smith comes stepping with a short breath such well known forest path. Such plane tree leaves which used to be in fire because of the different taken colors; are now faded.They are the witnesses of such maleficent day.
Indeed at midnight of such 31 st October eighteen years ago and when the moon was full; a black cloud brought a huge amount of witches. They destroyed everything and each sign of beauty in this magnificent forest. All the birds went.
The forest which was called yore "heaven" is now just a cradle of ghosts.

The sky is dark and the moon is full. Everywhere witches are flying in the sky.
They are wearing a black suit. As they have got a black hat which is decorated at the middle of its facial side by a great diamond broach. Their left canine tooth is a diamond.

In the witches zone lives the princess, the daughter of Emerald and louis. She has been prisoner of witches since the kingdom fall.
Mr. Smith meets the princess for the last time. He speaks to her with a trembling voice full of grief remorse and sorrow. Though there is a certain strength in his voice.

He says: "Princess Sara, I am dying like such leaves and will let you such Celtic book. It is inherited from your ancestors. You will find a certain formula on how to nullify the witch malediction. You cannot do this alone. You should get the magical pumpkin found in the castle kingdom of diamond under the throne. Take care of yourself until this. I have talked with some men who will help you to be unfettered from the prison. The throne is for you now. Accept the challenge. Life is for the strongest fighters".

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