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Taking the term "Emo Holy Trinity" literally.
In the beginning, there was pop, and there was punk. And never the two would meet, until a man named Joey Ramone blended the two.

And pop-punk was born.

Many years passed, and it came in and out of style, but the story truly begins when a man named Billie Joe Armstrong and his companions, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, gave birth to a music saturated with emotions: Emo.

And lo, Patrick Stump was born as the Father of Emo! And so, he set forth to create and build upon this world.

On the first day, he created Fall Out Boy, to spread the word of this news and show the world the power of Emo. And so his loyal servant Pete Wentz spread the word of Emo, and Emo was the pain, and the eyeliner, and the black outfits.

On the second day, Patrick Stump, Lord of Emo, found a Mormon boy named Brendon Urie and spoke to him.

"You have great emotions in your heart, so I will uplift you, to become my Son, and you shall change Emo, and bring it anew."

And Brendon became the Son of Emo, and found several friends and companions, which would come to be known as 'Panic! At The Disco'. And their word became the word of Emo. And Fall Out Boy assisted them with record labels and collaborations.

On the third day, a boy from Detroit rose up of his own accord with his brother and 3 friends. His name was Gerard Way, and his band became known as My Chemical Romance. And while he was not of Patrick Stump's flesh, he became acknowledged as the third member of the Trinity. He was known as the Spirit of Emo.

Time passed.

Brandon Urie was betrayed, abandoned by his band, but He did not give up. He rose again, alone, as a solo artist, beginning his work again.

Gerard Way, could not escape the fate of his band not working, especially as the result of his marriage to the fair Lady Lyn-Z of the devoted House Mindless Self Indulgence. And so, he released Danger Days as his final act as Spirit of Emo.

And Father Stump stayed eternal and resolute.
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