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by Gotee
Rated: E · Prose · Philosophy · #2171309
riding the superhighway
the online company worth twenty gazillion
has all the newest latest noteworthy
time to be alive in this wonderful
technoworld we all get to be a part of
a piece of a slice of Pi IF AND OR
this dazzelrific moneyliptic reaptherewardict
thingizmowhatsit that is worth an estimate
beyond what was originally estimated to be
absolutely the greatest achievement surpassing the
scope of the imagined scope of things to
come in this lifetime of achievements that
have surpassed all other lifetimes of achievements
to date with the new date organizer that can
organize dates in days counted as profitable
based on the current climate and rates of exchanging looks of confusion
in the technology fields of wheat germ resistant robotic
dandelions housing robotic bees educating birds
to be all they can be by design of the functioning
algorithms that can keep time to clock speeds of
the CPU or you or anyone for that matter can learn
to operate a fully function pair of lace-less shoes
with the latest greatest chip that communicates in twelve
different languages including sign if we can
get it to work without hands across this vast nation of ours
touching remotely fondling freindly with
your fridgeomatical toaster oven for the holidays
buy one and get one free

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