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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Supernatural · #2171313
Our chocolate dealing witch has moved to a new realm and gets an unexpected customer.
Chocolate Miracles is popular in many realities. Part of what I enjoy about my job is the traveling. There’s so much out there to see and experience. Right now I’m back in one of the human realities called...Heaven.

Heaven is always an interesting place to sell my wares. I know what you’re thinking. How can an old witch like me get into a place full of angels and “good” souls. Well, Heaven is merely another dimension of existence. The Gods don’t really reside here, they are above and beyond even this plane of reality, though they did once spend a lot of time here. There are so many different places, even as old as I am, I have yet to come close to seeing all the universe has to offer. There’s even more than one “Heaven”. This one, though, overlaps with the human’s earth, so most of its residents are, of course, human. The rest are angels with a few other beings scattered here and there amongst the darker clouds around the edges.

My usual customers are human souls that have decided to settle here. Though, if they are visiting me, usually they are missing something in their afterlife. No, life, even here in Heaven, isn’t always perfect. Heh, someone always needs a chocolate miracle in their life.

Today was no different, though the first customer that jingled the bell above my door was a rare one. Not the first ever...but rare indeed. This being walked in cautiously, looking behind them, as if checking to see if they were followed.

“Welcome to Chocolate Miracles, please, feel free to look around, “ I said. The greeting was an automatic response to my bell.

They closed the door gently and then flipped my sign from “open” to “closed” before turning in my direction. Before they did, I saw their strong white wings tucked behind them tightly. Even then, and even to me, they emanated holiness. These creatures, these angels, are ancient and though most of us are born from other beings like ourselves, angels are one of those hand-molded directly by the Gods for a specific purpose. Angels of this this type... giant white bird like wings and sexless bodies, are unique to earth realms. They were used in the past as instruments of war but due to their attachment to humans, now act as messengers, guardians, and guides. They are well known for their loyalty to their subjects and their Gods. Oh, and angels don’t eat, they don’t enjoy food like most of us do. They are all duty and business which is what made this visit so intriguing.

The angel turned towards me and when our eyes met, they stopped in their tracks. Their eyes widened like that of a scared child, their wings drooped nearly to the floor, and their feathers began to ruffle and fluff.

“Do not fear me, Seraph, “I said as I stepped out from behind the counter slowly. “Close your eyes, take a deep breath and know you are safe here, then re-open them.”

The angel immediately squeezed their eyes shut, took a few deep breaths, then reopened them. As I smiled, they began to relax, wings resting comfortably against their back.

“I-I’m sorry, for a moment you looked like --” they paused. Their smooth, featureless face flushing, taking on a feminine look, though angels are genderless.

“No worries,” I said, waving off the words that hung in the air. “I always appear as a reflection of your emotions. Am I… better now?” It was always fun to see what was reflected in the eyes of my viewer. Normally, to myself at least, I appear as a tall fluidic being with colors and electrical impulses flashing along my skin. At that moment, to them, I had appeared as the very large, hooved and horned being once known to humans and angels as Lucifer-- one of the main Fallen Angels that led the battle against one of the Gods that helped create the earth realm. Now, I appeared as a young human woman with dark brown hair and fair skin that seemed to glow from within.

“Yes, indeed,” the angel smiled back at me. They stepped up to the counter looking into it curiously. “I’ve heard about your shop, whispered amongst the human souls--” They hovered above a white chocolate truffle, drizzled in white chocolate and decorated with a pair of small white wings. This one would give a human soul the ability to fly about like an angel.

“Yes,” I said moving down the case to another chocolate, this one a milk chocolate criss-crossed with green and blue drizzle and stuck with a red pin, called “Earthbound”. If a soul wants to visit earth, this chocolate will help transport them there. I passed by this one and instead pulled out a square piece of dark chocolate with powdered sugar atop. “This one will transport you to the realm of the Goblin.”

The angel mouthed the words, tasting them. “The realm of the Goblin?”

“Yes, it’s a world full of rolling hills with houses tucked into them, and the Goblins there are known to grant some wishes,” I said, laughing just a bit. “Though they are known to be tricksters so be forewarned, expect your wish to backfire in some way.”

The angel nodded with a smile, their long white hair falling over one piercing light blue eye as they leaned over the case. I walked along with them down the counter to a cup full of fudge filled balls called “Spirit Bound”. “These bites of sweetness will make any soul a permanent resident of earth, but as a spirit.”

“Why would they want that?” they asked, their eyebrows furrowing with wonder. “To just watch?”

“Some souls are happier with what they grew accustomed to,” I shrugged. “Some are happy returning to watch their families grow and live on earth.” The angel lingered a moment as if in deep thought and moved on. They pointed to a pink truffle, drizzled in a sparkly white candied gel.

“High Heaven?” The angel asked. Their eyebrow arched. Confusion did not fit on their smooth narrow face.

“Ah, yes, this one will take you to the Gods realm, ‘Eternal Springs’.” I said with a touch of wonder. The angel’s eyes widened and they grew silent once again, stepping back from the counter. “It takes you to the lower realm of the Gods where you can find their personal springs. You can receive blessings from them but the stay is never very long. It’s a great place to reconnect with your God if you’re feeling disconnected.”

I was getting the sense that this angel was looking for something specific. Their eyebrows were furrowed, but their eyes darted around the shop, still looking.

“Let me bring a little miracle into your life,” I said, lacing my fingers together. “Just tell me, Seraph, what can I help you with?”

“Well, I-I heard--” they started, staring down at the marble floors. “I heard that you once helped another angel clip their wings. Is that true?” Once the question was out, the angel seemed to gain a bit more confidence. They raised their eyes to meet mine, and they begged me for the right answer.

“Well, I am a witch of the realms,” I said as I walked towards the door at the back of the store. I beckoned to them to follow me. “I’m sure I have what you seek, back here.”

We stepped into a room steeped in darkness, I pulled aside a thick curtain to reveal a smaller room with a smaller counter and a much smaller display of chocolates.

“These are my angel specific miracles,” I said sweeping my hand towards the display. “Feel free to have a look. Go ahead, don’t be shy.”

The angel walked briskly into the room, hands held tight against their sides, wings still pulled closed against their back, robes swishing with each step. They leaned in closely examining each descriptive card.

There was a nut bar that would give you the human male experience: taste, smells, and even testosterone filled nights with a partner chocked full of the ability to have sex and orgasms. All without the fall to the Underworld. There was also a chocolate bar with bits of cherry for the human female experience. It was just like the male experience but it had more of an emotional experience for the user. The angel moved past these to the middle shelf where I had a toffee bar that would make the angel permanently human, limited life span included.

“Is this the one, the other angel used?” The angel asked without turning around.

“Yes, and he’s living a full life with a wife and children now.”

“What happens when he dies?”

“Well,” I said, unwilling to hide the truth of the situation, “he is no longer immortal, but he’ll return here as a human soul if he deems himself worthy.” After a long silence I stated, “There’s always a price to be paid for the things we desire most. The question is, is it worth the price to you?”

The angel took a deep breath, seemed to ponder this question, and pointed to the last chocolate in the case. It was a one-hundred percent cocoa bean chocolate truffle infused with a fruit only found in the Underworld, the Fallen Realm. ”What is the price of this one?”

“That one...” I said as I walked over to the case and pulled the chocolate out. I held it up to his face. “For this one, I would require your wings, which I would cut off by hand, and a blood sacrifice of one of this realms beings.” The angel looked away from my gaze, obviously mulling over the words I had just spoken. I continued, “You will never be able to return to this realm again.”

“It’s just…” The angel began to wring their hands and their tongue flicked out across their lips. “I miss him terribly.”

“Who?” I asked, curious. I hadn’t heard of an angel wanting to take the Fall to the Underworld in thousands of years.


“Ah, Amy the Fallen Angel,” I said nodding. Amy had once been one of the Powers. The Powers were soldiers that oversaw the distribution of power over mankind and were said to be so loyal they’d never fall from grace. It was also thought Lucifer would never fall but even in the Heaven Realms, as on earth, things change and move on. He now rules over thirty-six legions in the Fallen Realm. Rather impressive.

“Yes, we used to cast demons down to the Underworld together, and I just can’t stand to be away from him any longer.”

“Love has always been the most powerful motivator,” I mused. “Though it’s a rare experience amongst angels. The realms seem to be shifting. I think it’s a beautiful thing, myself.” My mind reached out to a distant memory that made my heart begin to pound but I pushed it away and placed my hands on the angels shoulders.

“Do what feels right, Seraph, you’ll have no judgement from me.”

The angel allowed a smile to touch their lips. “I will think about it.” They then turned and walked to the front of the store, turned the sign back to “open” and stepped back out into the clouds.

I didn’t serve many human souls today and just as I was about to close up because it was slow, in walked my angel with a large black sack. Once again they turned the sign to “closed”, walked back to the backroom, and placed the sack on the floor in front of them. I followed them in and as I entered the room, I noticed the blood seeping from the sack. The angel saw me notice and a tear streaked down their face.They looked me in the eye, turned their back to me, kneeled and spread their wings.

“Please, forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” they said as they bowed their head and closed their eyes.

Eventually, I stepped out from behind the curtain. There was a knock on the door. I opened to another pair of light blue piercing eyes. I stepped back and beckoned them in.

I twirled a long white Angel feather in my hand as I spoke my usual opening line, “Welcome to Chocolate Miracles, please, feel free to take a look around.”
© Copyright 2018 🌙 Darleen (dmadison at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2171313