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by Norman
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Love can be fleeting
I thought we were connecting.
She seemed so very nice.
She said that she would help me.
She said that once or twice.
I knew she really liked me.
At least it seemed that way.
And so I reached out to her
and dreamed that she would stay.
I said she was my savior
for things were going wrong
and I had tried to reach her
for, oh, so very long.
She said that happened sometimes.
That really was a shame.
She calmed me and consoled me
and asked me for my name.
I opened up my heart then
and told her my sad tale.
She seemed so sympathetic.
I knew she wouldn’t fail.
I said my cable service
was somehow out of whack.
She said, ‘Hold on a minute.’
… she’s never coming back
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