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by Rory
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Jenna is a normal child who goes into her pool and ends up somewhere else.
The Secret Life
By Rory K.


Chapter 1: Big. . . Bad. . . Trouble. . . 3
Chapter 2: The Truth Comes Out 7
Chapter 3: Come to Die 9
Chapter 4: Come Again, Die Again 13
Chapter 5: The Beginning 17

Chapter 1: Big. . . Bad. . . Trouble. .

“Stop Drew, you've been doing electronics ALL day” said Mom. “No Mom,” he said, annoyed. Eliz was playing with dolls while I was reading a book.

I’m Jenna Maue, age 9. I’m in 4th grade and have a pet dog, Woogle. Woogle is a couch potato, even though she can't get on the couch. my brother, Drew, is 6 years old and in kindergarten. My sister, Eliz, is 1 ⅝ years old. She’s too young to be in school.


“DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” cried Eliz as she looked out the window. Jonah was home. Uhhhhhh should I grab Lilly Works or keep Willow and the Wools? Let’s Keep.
“Jenn” (my nickname) Mom said, “Please clean up your room.” “I’ll do it” chimed Drew, excited. “Fine, but make it look good” I sighed. “Jenn, be nice to Drew.” Mom said firmly.

Drew CAM

Jenn’s gonna be so happy at her clean, pretty room! Thought Drew, The books are going to be everywhere, her blankets everywhere, and the biggest blanket on top of everything! So, Drew started taking books out, slowly at first, then thrashing them behind him.


I poked my head into my room and screamed “MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Uh. . . . . . oh. . . . . . “ Drew mumbled. Mom came running down the hallway, passing the bathroom and Drew’s bedroom, when she got to my bedroom she scowled at me. “ you did this Jenn” “Uhhhhh . . . . . can I go to the bathroom?” I asked. “No, of course not!” Mom said while shaking her head.
I heard the front door open. Jonah came walking down the hall. “What’s going on down here?” He asked. “Mom says I made this mess!” I cried “B-b-but I d-didn’t!” tears started

swelling up in my eyes. “Don’t you dare cry!” Jonah scowled.


Footsteps creaked outside my door, a knock sounded from outside Mom and Jonah’s room. One answer to that: Drew. I only heard whispers of the voices. . . “I messed…” “....Room…” “....Drew?......” “....Didn’t tell us…” “Sorry….” “.....didn’t Let me tell you” “.......Jenn……”
Eliz started jumping so I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation.

Chapter 2: The Truth Comes Out

Why, oh why did Drew say they didn’t let him tell them about my room? I thought. I looked at my alarm clock, 7:19, 7:20, the door opened. “MAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!” Cried Eliz. “Good morning Jenn” Mom mumbled (sounds good, what about Mumbling Mom?). “I heard Drew admit that he ruined my room” I said. “Yeah………..” was the only reply.
After breakfast we got dressed. I wore a cute Pink sundress with a little pink bow to hold my bangs back. Eliz wore her “I’m Sassy ‘Cause My Auntie Taught Me” shirt with cute
Page 8
denim shorts. Drew wore his orange “Is It Annoying In Here Or Is It Just My Sister?” shirt with Grey shorts.
“Lillo!” Jonah called, “Can the kids swim in the pool?” “Later!” Mom called from the bedroom. Yay I thought sarcastically. “Please Mom!!” I yelled. “Hmmm…… fine” “YES!!!” Drew, Eliz, and I cried together.


I Looked in the pool. . . . And jumped in!

Chapter 3: Come to Die

Water was swishing around us. Like always, we were getting sucked deeper and deeper into the pool. When the water was supposed to stop, it kept pulling us. “AHHHHHH” I tried to scream, but only bubbles came out. “Jenn!” Jonah cried. I felt pulling on my feet. No help! I thought, terrified.

I woke up, looked around, and tried to get up. I couldn’t. I was stuck to a black bed with leather tied around my hands. I tried to speak, but I couldn’t open my mouth. “She is all we need for information.” A voice said behind me. “We
Page 11
sent the boy home.” said another voice. I heard footsteps walk out of the room. “Good,” said the first voice “Marlen will be happy.”
The person who I guessed was Marlen walked in. “where is the girl?” he asked. “Jeramy, where is the girl?” he asked again. “Over here, Master” Jeramy said, gesturing to me. I kept trying to wriggle and escape.
“Good, It’s a Koandle one!” Marlen said greedily. The leather tied around my mouth magicly fell down, allowing me to speak. “Who are you, why am I here, and what does Koandle mean?”
“You want to escape” Marlen said.
“Fine, but answer my questions first!” I cried.
“No, you answer mine.” Jeramy growled. “Where is the unicorn’s heart?”
I had a dream about this, I repeated what the unicorn in my dream had said: “My heart is in the depths of the willow tree, which willow tree? The one with the most ancient grandfather, The one you’ve lived in your own life. But, find it, and be destroyed.”
“Truth,” Marlen sighed, hoping i’d get the next one wrong i thought. “Now, where is the dragon’s blood” “which type?” I asked. “Bydera origins” Marlen replied. “You seek the curse of ending.” I said, surprised. “You need to look in the deepest shallow.” I said in response to his question. “You speak in riddles,” Marlen said.
“There are reasons for my vocabulary.” I said, happy that Mrs. Z, My teacher, taught me beginner riddle-making.
“Tania is Loabe” Marlen said gleefully. “No!!!!” I cried, even though I don’t know what Lobe means. Marlen stalked out of the room.
“I hear you Jenna.”
“Tania, where are you?”
“BOO!” Tania yelled from around the corner.
“I hate you Tania!” I yelled back, giggling. “Wait, where’s Yasmin?” “she’s coming,” “I wanna go!” I said, tears forming in my eyes. ”Then let’s go, but first, grab Marlen’s sword. I grabbed it.
I open my eyes to see white stuff, where am I? I thought. I looked around, more white stuff. Am I in heaven? “She is awake Yaslin,” a voice said behind me. I heard a gasp, “She is!” A familiar voice said behind me: Yaslin. “Oh my gosh! Your awake! You’ve been in a coma thingy for about a month!” “What?!?!?” I asked, terrified. “What day is it?” “April 27, 2018,” Yaslin said.
“It was March 18, 2018 when you fell into the pool, Lillo pulled you out and we immediately took you to the hospital. They said you were having an I.R.D, Immediately Real Dream. I don’t know what it is either.” Yaslin took a deep breath. “Your heart stopped, your breath stopped, you died.” Yaslin said, “But, your,” she hesitated, “Alive.”
Chapter 4: Come Again, Die Again
Page 14
I woke up, phew, I'm at home again I thought. “Mom!” I yelled. Mom came walking around the corner, “good morning Jenn.” she said cheerfully.
“Do you want to help Eliz clean her blocks? Then I’ll get you breakfast.” “Okay,” Was my reply. “But, wait. Mom, was I in the hospital for a month?” Mom sighed, “Yes, Jenn. You were,”
After breakfast I had a softball game. I wore gray emoji leggings and a shirt that said, “Chill Pill”
After lunch we went back in the pool. The same thing happened. “Help!” Bubbles came out. I felt pulling on my feet again, I was with Marlen and Jeramy again.
“Good, she’s back,” Marlen said.
I was getting pulled out of the pool.
“Ulass, get the curse of Losag. “Yes, Father.” A woman appeared with a emerald and black bottle in her hands.
“Mom!” I cried as I was being carried into the car.
Ulass’ hair was a flowing blue wave. Her sapphire dress waving as she walked. She was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.
I was in the emergency room.
Ulass poured the liquid in the bottle into my open mouth.
White all around me.
“No Ulass” I cried.
The hospital beeping signaled I was dead.
Ulass kept pouring the liquid into my mouth.
Yaslin was looking at me, crying her heart out.
Ulass and Marlen laughed in evil joy.
Yaslin bent down, hugging her mom.
“está bien Yaslin” It’s ok Yaslin, Her mom said, “Esperemos que regrese” She will hopefully come back.
Marlen grabbed a knife.
He put it against my foot
Tears rolling down her eyes, Yaslin bends down and hugs me.
He lifted it up.
Mrs. Misle walked into the room.
He slashed it down, but an inch away, he stopped.
Mrs. Misle closes her eyes.
“You,” Marlen said.
The beeping stopped.
Yaslin let go of me
Yaslin smiled.
“Forever,” “NOOO!!!!!!!!” I cried
“NOOOOOOOO!!!!” I cried, Yaslin frowned.
“Father, what are we going to do with her?” Ulass asked.
“Miss Edalks, what happened to her?” Yaslin asked.
“Do the honors Ulass,”

Chapter 5: The Beginning

I looked around, white again. “Yaslin?” I asked.
A blurry figure appeared. “Yaslin!” I cried. I sat up and hugged her. “Why does this have to happen?” I asked Yaslin. “Miss Edalks, tell her what happened.” Yaslin said.
“I.R.D.” Miss Edalks replied
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