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Just something I wrote a few years ago while I was on a sci-fi kick.

Mankind has always searched for answers to life's questions. The meaning of life; often, in the hardest places to reach. Whether, it be the temple's high above the heavens in Tibet, the darkest subterranean caverns delving into the depths of hell. Even the Ocean's represent our undying journey of exploration, our quest for knowledge, and whatever lay beyond the horizon. However, some of our greatest achievements in this quest of purpose lie not on forgotten clay tablets in the deserts of Mesopotamia, or within ourselves as per the lines of poets. It lies 254 miles above, locked in Earth's orbit, the International Space Station.

The station represents the future. A future of progress and unity; for our imminent future holds these goals of exploration; as we as humanity will control and understand the solar system in ways we can't see yet. Which brings us to our story. A story of one individual, for their tales, can give us more perspective than anything.

We begin on a small gas mining station, on the emerging colony of Titan in 2105. Almost 1.4 billion kilometers from Earth, the sunless and icy landscape offers no memories of home. In a small steel shelter raised above the hydrocarbon lake the settlement mines for natural gas, a small child plays with toys in what could be called the living room. His parents, one an engineer, and another a worker on the gas rigs. This child looks much different from his parents, with his legs already the same length as his mothers at six years old, and his grey complexion. All side effects of living on this foreign planet; with the gravity stretching his body out to new heights and the lack of sun changing his skin, even with the advent of artificial sun lamps. Today is a special day since per tradition, all Titanic boys receive their names on their sixth birthday; commemorating the years it took to terraform Titan to have breathable air.

The world is much different from ours now, Elliot lives in a time where most of the solar system is inhabited by humans. From Mars to Europa, all these planets now are independent after bloody squabbles with a now an Earth united under one banner., the completion of the humanities first sentient AI was created. However, something stirred underneath the expansive hydrocarbon lake that sat underneath Roosevelt's home.

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