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a world-building guide for those with questions regarding SSS!

This program was originally put in place by Buttercombe Academy to better facilitate the needs of students requiring special services, originally dubbed
Special Services for Students program. It was improved upon by the Yeng Corporation, which provided careful research and generous donations of technology and funding to better enrich the lives of not only needy students, but also the teaching staff as well! Its name was then changed to the
Special Services for Stipendiaries program—for short, we’ll call it SSS!

This is a multi-faceted program designed to better facilitate recipient with special needs so that they might continue their academic careers in as stress-free an environment as possible.

If you have questions concerning how SSS impacts students, click this link
If you have questions concerning how SSS impacts faculty & staff, click this link.
If you have general questions concerning this program, continue reading.



Whether they know it or not, many students and teachers alike reap the rewards of Buttercombe Academy's partnership with the Yeng Corporation! Upon enrollment, they become eligible for benefits that become a part of their routine lives during their stay on campus. These things include, but are not limited to:

∙Introductory Meal Plan
∙Any / All medications provided by the Health & Wellness Staff
∙Technologies such as Y-pads, personal computers, etc.
∙Counselling Services

SSS is already working for you whether you know it or not!

Designed primarily to tackle students who are differently abled than their peers, any extra accommodations required by the recipients are covered through this program. This includes anything from allergies, medical equipment like wheelchairs and crutches, or installing ramps and elevators for easy navigation of our Academy.

Accidents happen, and that's okay! On of the most important things you can learn at this school is that it's alright if you're not perfect. What matters is that we get you the important medical attention you require! All medical expenses are placed through the Yeng Corporation, and evaluated by our team of medical professionals on-site. If you require medication, deliver the proper forms to our Infirmary and we will take care of any and all prescriptions.

Think of it as a gift from the Academy and its trustees. Buttercombe Academy for Gifted Girls is dedicated to ensuring that its staff, faculty, and student body have access to every advantage that can be given to them. It's an investment in your future, on us!

Any and all members of the student body, faculty, or staff may become eligible for higher "levels" of the SSS program at any time, as they are outlined below. The current head of the department is Dr. Helen Schwartz. If anyone feels that they are currently eligible for the higher tiers of this program and are not receiving due process or proper treatment, please call XXX-XXX-0450


In order to better serve our recipients, Special Services for Stipendiaries has been broken into four tiers, or levels, to better accommodate those with special needs. That way you aren't receiving anything you don't need, and you aren't not receiving something that might be necessary! These tiers are cumulative.

The levels are described below.


This is what every student, teacher, and faculty member receives as soon as they become a part of our wonderful Academy. This is where the introductory meal plan comes from, you are allowed access to our state-of-the-art technology labs, and any and all medical emergencies or complications that may arise are covered! This also covers costs for uniforms & student IDs! Students on the Introductory Tier receive 5 free replacements of their lost/damaged student ID, and three alterations/replacements of uniforms that are deemed unsatisfactory to dress code.


If you enroll to our Academy requiring medication for allergies, chemical imbalances, or anything else requiring a prescription to function at the same level of your peers, you will automatically be enrolled in this program. Please be advised that due to the remote location of Buttercombe Academy, Yeng may provide a generic alternative to your medication by default through their pharmaceutical branch.


For students requiring mobility services such as wheelchairs, powered scooters, crutches, braces, etc. on a regular basis, this is the tier that you will be enrolled in automatically. Custom furniture or accommodations to existing classroom fixtures such as desks and chairs will be provided upon completed enrollment of this tier. Single dorm options are available for students with this specific Tier, but not required. Fees for our cafeteria are waived entirely, and recipients are eligible for a discount on all Dorm Delivery programs. Students with a BMI of 35 or above are automatically eligible for this Tier. Please consult our physician for the proper forms.


For young women who find themselves unable to come to class due to their disability. This tier rearranges schedules, various allowances for absences. If attendance is impossible, online courses can be arranged until such a time that regular (or at least infrequent) attendance becomes more attainable. You will be given a sponsor teacher to ensure graduation remains a viable outcome of your enrollment here, and will be assigned a roommate and/or aide who will assist you to the best of their abilities. All those with a BMI of over 50 will be strongly suggested to enroll in this program.
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