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Laura feels overwhelmed, and comes to the conclusion on her rainy run.
Rainy days always made for her favorite runs. No one could tell she was crying, and the chill of the drops on her face cooled her sweat before it could make an appearance. Laura was not sure why she usually cried while she ran. Maybe the buildup of expectations mixed with the exhaustion of this season of her life. Laura had three younger children and was newly pregnant with her fourth, a surprise. Her feet hit the pavement in rhythmic meditation, matching her tearful breath. “How am I going to do this,” she thought. A still small voice inside her quieted the chaos: Just be in today. I have given you a flashlight to see what is right in front of you to do. Do that. Then do the next right thing after that. She choked on her tears mixed with gasps of breath. “I don't want a flashlight! I want all the lights on so I can see everything! Why is the next right thing always the solution?” She knew the answer was simple, but complexity is much more attractive in the fog. To have a good day meant so many requirements. Maybe it could just be a good day because she wanted it to be a good day. No more requirements. Just love the people. And do the next right thing.
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