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Observations at the resort
The resort swimming pool,
a wallowing place for the sundry sunbathers and swimmers.
Here on an island, where once
the most human sound was a monkey
cracking one rock against another,
the coarse cacophony of tourists
now reigns.
And the swimming pool
at the Golden Grand Beach Resort
holds a microcosm
of these beings,
not unlike the concentric
rings of purgatory.
They all, of course, are tourists,
yet there are subdivisions thereof.
Closest to the pool, one finds the
Family of 3 to 5
(or sometimes 7).
Children, oblivious to anything but their own delight
splash with oversized water-wings
while Mother, in a wide-brimmed hat
keeps a wary eye on her brood
from behind a large pair of designer knockoff shades.
Father pretends to be asleep while listening to
(and sometimes watching)
the next poolside group:
The College Girls,
who on this trip have named themselves
the “Spring Break Squad.”
Flaunting their bikinis,
(you won’t find a one-piece in this lot),
they’re somewhat disappointed by the lack of frat boys
that they’ve grown accustomed to seeing back home.
Regardless, they make the best of it,
even though one is still distracted by the texts
from her cheating boyfriend, who says “I @m sorry. miss u :(”
Beyond the immediate poolside ring
are the Retirees.
Veterans of timeshares and cruises,
the singles and couples in this group
all have a similar look.
Crispy, white-haired, and happily orange,
the Retirees are content simply
breathing in
the youth all around them.
Easily making friends amongst their own,
they share stories of their lives as freely as if
they’d known each other for years.
Farthest from the pool
are the Divorcees near the bar,
staring out ponderously at the happy masses, not content
with the lack of companionship on this trip, but confident
this round of bad luck will soon conclude.
Through these many rings strides a 50-year-old:
The Swimmer.
He parades,
bare-chested, tanned, and surprisingly well-muscled, commanding
confidence in his gait.
His reputation stateside glitters with the medals of his victories
and he walks with a purpose
as though he himself inspired Cheever’s story.
By the time he reaches the water and submerges
his body and with it his fame,
his world becomes bubbles and memory.
Meanwhile, a musing Divorcee hears the mumbling
of the Retirees discussing their grandchildren.
And the Retirees hear the shriek of a member
of the Spring Break Squad as she finds out
that her boyfriend was cheating with her best friend.
And the Father feigning a nap chuckles quietly at this conflict
as the Mother rolls her eyes,
all the while watching her son as he cracks
a monkey-shaped pool toy
against the side of the pool.

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