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by AP
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Hi, this is about our memory and how time affects it. Please review. Hope you like it.

Empires rise, empires fall,
Their destruction meant to apall,

The witness who records and the seekers who seek,
Both meeting at knowledge's creek,

Each reaching out to the other, from opposite shore,
Between them lies fluid time, distancing the lore,

That recounts a tale of carnage, war and love,
As hand in hand walk the son of Zeus and lady of doves,

Over the ages legend and myth have been woven into history,
And today, the truth, the reality have become a mystery,

Upon which fateful hill Troy stand,
To be razed by the Greeks and left to the sand,

Upon which infamous boulder did Nero sit,
As he played his fiddle and watched Rome being lit,

What were the great Caesar's last words,
Before Mors took him, did Brutus really hear the said thirds,

The gods in all their might,
Never seem to be able to meet our sight,

For the truth isn't what it is, but it is what we choose to make it,
For history is written by the victors, and the rest has no place to sit,

In the minds of the commons,
Stretching across the world from Athens,

But defying all odds, some narrations make it out,
Of the cluthes of time,unable to contain a shout,

Of freedom to express their tale,
Their survival o'er hill and dale,

Their journey as lore,
Passed on from door to door,

Their accounts of romance and sorrow,
Of pitiable hearts, sure that tomorrow,

They'll be heard, they'll be remembered,
Hoping their story'll have the masses stirred,

Empires rise, empires fall,
Their destruction meant to appal,

But they live on, as history,
A lesson to learn, an idea to preach, but still a mystery.


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