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Joy and sorrow, little difference between,
Although at contrasting ends they are seen,

Each moment has a touch of both,
My words in future you shall qouth,

A war never without loss,
Just like a coin into the air which you toss,

It spins both ends, but lands only on one,
Both sides feel sorrow and joy, but only side has one,

The victor shouts out in joy, raises his flag in the air,
But looks around, and sees no living soul, all captives in death's lair,

Never to be free, never to come back,
Never to speak, dead as a sack,

He feels no triumph, he is all alone,
In his ears ring his last foe's final moan,

What is the right thing to do,
Live for the dead in joy, and shed tears few,

Or mourn your loss, dive deep in despair
Join your friends, but will you dare,

To take your life, to leave the world,
That you know, to allow your shroud to be furled,

What is the ultimate honor to the dead,
Truth is, it is the ignorance you shed,

Joy and sorrow, no fine line between,
Embrace both, let each be seen,

Remember this, life is a coin, you toss it high,
It spins both ends but reaching the ground, it will surely die.


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