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First chapter I have ever created, please tell me what you dislike so that I can improve.
An evenly spread of white snow lay calmly under the old tree, centered in the middle of the field. Not a single footprint imprinted onto the snow, and not a sign of a single leaf in sight. Winter walks around the tree several times before stopping to think. Why is each snowflake different from the other? She questions herself different questions which have no logical answer. To her, the world is but a mere vision which every being has to live in.

As days past, Christmas rolls in, but with a twist. Winter wakes up from her slumber and begins to think about the day. When she comes down her staircase, she sees not a single tree or present in sight. If you were to ask if she had cared, she wouldn’t breathe a single word. Christmas to her was nothing but another day in the cruel reality of the world. She walks towards her kitchen where her mother was cooking breakfast for her and her little brother, Sam. Sam was a boy who was as quiet and polite as his sister, that is if u were to look at him from afar. Inside his cold heart, he was nothing but an impolite brat with quite a lot of time on his hands.
"Mother, what's for breakfast, my stomach has been disturbing me for a while and me, myself, am quite hungry. Shall I come back in 5 minutes?"
Whether her mother could talk or not was undetectable, though no one complained of it. She silently nodded and continued cooking. Winter walks away, soundlessly.

Christmas was lively for the people who were blind to the suffering this world brings. Winter was young enough to know of this, though she speaks nothing of it. She walks out into the cold morning and greets her neighbors with a scarred smile on her face and walks towards the abandoned field once again, asking questions to herself and walks around the tree, brushing her pale skin against the tree. Then, a thought comes racing into her mind. What IS the meaning of life and what's the answer to the pain and suffering? How do we win this game of life? When the clock strikes 8 o'clock, the gong releases its wrath at the same time the fire alarm of Winter's home sets off. This awakens her and she runs towards her house, eyes wide open to the hideous world and to the huge fire that appears over her own home. She runs as fast as she could and falls on top of another being. A tear from her eye falls unnoticed, as she looks down onto the touched snow with imprinted footprints which lay calmly on the cold, uneven snow.
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