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by Husna
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Family · #2171636
Mr Rainnie lost his daughter, Melody due to tragic accident. She was MIA & in action ...
Missing Melody

Mr Rainnie came home after his boss has released him earlier that day. He was not tired yet decided to have forty winks prior going to gym. He then quickly dropped his body over the couch with loud heavy sigh. He realized he sat on his iPhone, which was in the back pocket and immediately raised his lower part of his body up, fixing his head and neck against the window pane and pulled it out. He stretched his neck, hoping no harm was caused due to his intense reaction. He put the phone on the table in front of him and then grabbed his daughter’s photo in a glass frame placed on the same table. He nearly teared up by looking at her picture. “can’t believe I buried you with my bare hands.” Thinking out loud, “It was just too soon to leave” “did you even say goodbye. I MISS YOU” and closed his eyes, put her picture on his chest and gently laid down.

He dreamed of her running away from their home towards the street and laughing “daddy follow me”. “wait, Melody, come back now” Mr Rainnie anxiously shouting. In the meanwhile, his phone chimed twice successively and Mr Rainnie woke up shockingly with pale face. He grabbed a glass of water he left the night before and realized his phone was lit. he drank the water left in the glass with one hand and grabbed his phone and unlocked it with the other. Two messages and one unattended called from Brain’s Elementary School he found! He surprisingly opened one of the messages and it said “Good Afternoon Mr Rainnie, we have been trying to contact you. Please call ASAP”. Then, he straightaway jumped to the other one and it said “Dear Mr Rainnie, as part of our policy, any absence of student, which exceeds 5 days continuously is considered a violation of Brain’s and disciplinary action may applied”. “WHY AM I RECEIVING THIS? IS IT BY ACCIDENT? let me call them back” he thought. Mr Rainnie tapped on the unattended call number and called back.

“Brain’s Elementary School, how can I help?” Receptionist picked up the phone. “Hi, this is Mr Rainnie and I received messages 10 minutes back about ...”
Receptionist panicked: “Hi Mr Rainnie, yes, your daughter, Miss Rainnie has not come to school since Saturday. Is she alright?”
“Huh, WHAT, MY DAUGHTER Melody?” Rainnie replied with eyes wide-open.
Receptionist answered, "yes! is everything okay?”
Mr Rainnie with mixed feelings and deep sad tone "my daughter, as you all are aware, has passed away 3 months ago".
Receptionist confused, "ARE YOU SURE, sir? She was here last week, even passed by the reception during her snack break to say hi, gave me a hug as well".
Mr Rainnie with blown mind and extreme shock, chocked???

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2171636